Japan Week 2: Getting Used to it

An early konbanwa to all of you~~~ Here to continue my three-part photo journal of my trips around Japan. Part 2 focuses more on me touring and adjusting to the lifestyle in Japan. Though not portrayed in this post, my initial experiences were right-off-the-bat slow and I often found myself weirded-out as I took plunges into the known unknown that is prefectural life. Just as there are sub-cultures like being otaku, there are also those that show the norm life of eating dried daikon while watching through daily NHK news. Taking a hot bath in the “o-furo”, after a day’s hard work.

Just as I arrived in Saga, I was invited by my then recently met host parents to go to the mountains to see snow. Not wanting be rude, I heartily reply with a good “Hai!” despite my travel fatigue and jet lag. Much to my fandom surprise, a familiar looking car came by near us, and I soon found myself asking my host mother – “Are wa oka-san no kurama?!/Mom, is that your car?!” – in which she smiled as she replied yes.

Again and again, I keep noticing how well the asphalted road was. Unlike from where I came from and Tokyo, Saga-shi doesn’t have much traffic. Am still confused with the road system here /ohwell


Fandom strikes back! Having grown-up watching Initial D, I can’t help but feel excited as my family’s Subaru cruised along the two-lane mountain roads. DDRRIIFFFTO!


Living in a country where temperatures can reach an infernal 38 – 40 degrees, snow is … well … pretty much uneventful. Letty, where are you?


The view which I will be seeing from then on.


The backyard lot where my host father plants those uber great daikon.


Trusty-old Subaru Impreza which I’ll be spending most of my travels on. Really love it~~


On my trip back from school, I spotted this hobby shop near around my house. Aside from the good’old lad running the place, inside stores a plethora of model kits, magazines, and figures.


The first among the “I’ll-be-going-out-now-be-back-at-lunch” shop raiding loot. Bought this Tamiya StuG III for a good discounted price (Thank you good’old shop lad) It was around back then that my interest in Garupan peaked it’s highest. Panzer Vor!


The school uniform I wear back at Saga Technical. Looks very IJN-ish if you ask me.


When weekends come by, I’m often invited by my house folks to go around town (I usually do so too after school). As per my requests, I was often allowed to go to Fukuoka.


Saga-shi’s downtown scenery is rather laidback. A few people walking around early in a Saturday morning. Japanese public transport’s as uniformed as they can be.



As opposed to Saga-shi’s downtown, Fukuoka is a tad bit more lively. People are going around with their business.


A collector’s heaven. Yes, folks, yes. I went to Mandarake. Too bad I’m not allowed to take pictures inside. lol.


Having bought my fair share of merchandise, I walk by Tenjin – looking a kaiten sushi place to eat in.


Much to my surprise, there was this huge temple in the city’s center.


One of them big old gate guardians.


It was late in the afternoon. After a day of much fun and whatnot, I was asked to go back home. Taking a break in one of Tenjin Station’s cafe while enjoying Fukuoka’s cityscapes.



Something to wake me up – a bowl load of Japanese fruits and sweets. Finally know how to order food properly.


Tada~ my loot from Mandarake. Being the frustrated manga collector I am, I was not able to resist the temptation of taking the many volume ones which I can’t seem to get a hold-off here in my neck of woods. Also got Anko team’s Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. D~ Panzer Vor! again lololol.


Conclusions, conclusions. Looking back, I do quite a lot from Japan, despite having to go through several things (losing sense of direction, asking community oba-chan for help, school speeches, washlets). As proud as an otaku I am, I was often overconfident on how things worked around in that country (basing things on anime and manga, yeah) and more often than not, I often found myself lost. (though I knew several cultural references which shocked the towns’ folks thank you, Touhou) Those aside, what’s important was I had fun right? Fun. Contrary to what I said earlier, this much more of a travel log than a photo journal based on getting used to, ain’t it? Ah, whatever.

Till the next week or two.


2 responses to “Japan Week 2: Getting Used to it

  1. I love those shots of daily life! Really gives you a perspective on things on your side =3
    And Mandarakeeeeee..god I spent hours inside each one when I was over in Tokyo on vacation XD

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