Japan Week 1: Excitements and Regrets

And I’m back. This is your dear “blogger-who-lurks-in-the-shadow”, Ruo Ani, greeting you a great and happy morning. It has been around a month since I got back from the land of moonrunes. Exams, requirements, and other school whatnot quickly stacked-upon each other when I returned and I soon found myself not being able to do what I want. That continued on until several days ago when my exams were over. It’s finally the long-awaited summer vacation, and I guess I’ll start it with this.

As some of you might have read from my post several eons ago, I was accepted and sent as an exchange student by the Japanese Government (to all the folks there, thank you very much). I was given a month stay to study the usual Japanese language and culture. Being the blogging otaku I am, I found myself too damn excited of all this. As per promise, I am and will post about my experiences there in lovely three-part photospam.

It’s January 23. I was walking around inside the fairly unfamiliar airport when I spotted this interesting shop. The name said “Tokyo Cafe” but served a generous amount of western food and beverages that you usually find in western coffee shops. Weird. Anyhow, I took the last few sips from my latte coupled with some test shots with recently dug-up LX3 and soon headed near the gate area.


No, sorry folks, I have absolute no photos from my flight going there (occupied with watching Rurouni Kenshin – amen to you ANA!)


Continuing on, I was soon on the ground and was finding my way around Narita Airport. At the first sign of legit moonrunes, my mind just went shut.

Dropping the story-telling and on to the usual photo-commentary.




Until the half of my stay in Japan, I hesitated to buy anything from them vending machines (when you find out how much manga costs in Mandarake, you’ll understand why. Priorities)


It took around an hour and a half for me to arrive in Orisen from Narita. Seeing as how unsatisfying the dinner was, I grabbed some snacks from the convenience store close-by. The reference. Now if I can only find a Shana to feed the meronpan to.


After quick review sessions on the Japanese language, I was told that I’ll be taking a tour around Tokyo (I was staying around Shinjuku), so I unhesitantly took my camera and soon left.

Random test shots with the LX3. Got to miss the sight of nicely paved Japanese Asphalt.


The map of the place I was staying at – the National Olympic Center.



The wonderful sight of Japanese street scenery.



Like this lamp structure, preserved Japanese buildings are scattered around Tokyo.


A statue of a samurai who died for the Emperor’s sake happens to stand in front of His Majesty’s Palace.


The entrance to His Majesty’s Palace. Fancy seeing the palace guards without swords.


And here we are, one of the sacred holdings of all otaku world-wide, the otakudom capital, Akihabara,


Visited the Tokyo-Edo Museum to see some well done Japanese craftsmanship.


This over here adds 350 hp and 40 def XD


Someone explain this to me . . .


Well-detailed Japanese miniatures of the Edo lifestyle prove the importance of figures in Japan.




A pillar of moonrunes . . .


he first Torii gate I got to see was in Asakusa. Loved the part where you get “purified” every time you pass through it.


The tour guide laughed when I asked where the resident shrine maidens where. “Reimu, where are you?”


Even the folks here in Asakusa sell blessed figures.


Some convinient items they sell which you can use just in case you encounter suspicious strangers.


The confusing but very iconic Japanese zebra stripes.


Night shopping as always. Seriously though, I do not know what that is in the center of the photo.


The uber-huge temple gate.


The Tokyo Sky Tree. Was extremely tired by this time so I just decided to take a photo outside.


And that pretty much ends to photospam. Now to the “excitements and regrets part” Throughout my stay in Tokyo, I was generally open-minded and excited. I had spending time with complete strangers and had the opportunity to share some laughs. I experienced several things for the first time (public baths, reading manga in convinience stores) and everything happened to be might fun. Yes, I was damn excited. Despite this though, I still had my fair share of regrets. One, not being able to tour Akihabara/Nakano (one of the main reasons why I even went to Japan) and two, my lack of knowledge when it came to conversational Japanese – a problem which would plague me in the coming days. Nevertheless, all was fine. The weather was rather cool, the food was great, the people were all friendly, and I was all set to experience Japan some more.

Four days has passed since I arrived in Japan, and I find myself again in an airport, waiting for my flight to Kyushu – the place I that I’d be staying for a month.


Watch out for the continuation of my ventures in Japan on part two of Japan Week.

As always, I thank you for reading and am hoping to see you drop-by again.


3 responses to “Japan Week 1: Excitements and Regrets

  1. What a coincidence that a fellow blogger is also in Japan heh. We were actually pretty close, I’m staying close to Shinjuku, we might have passed each other on the street! haha.

    Hmm 4 days passed huh. I was actually in Narita Airport on Friday morning saying good bye to a friend that was going back. Might have passed by you there too hahaha.

  2. Yea pretty bad that you weren’t able to tour Akihabara, basically the main place for us otaku to go whenever we visit Japan xD

  3. Niceee…it really brings back memories when I see Senso-ji since I stayed there for around 2 weeks for a trip.

    Well I’ll be going back there come July for a summer exchange program!! So excited =D

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