To someplace. . .

Tatara.Kogasa.full.1282416 First post of the year GET! Anyway, your dear mecha musume-loving lolicon will be gone for some time. I don’t really know what to say, but yeah, I will be gone for some time. . . at least here in my own country.

For whatever reason, I will be heading to the Land of the 2D Lolis, while I’m over there, I hope get some blogging done. So to get my blogging started, I’ll be doing a weekly journal-type post for the next three weeks, similar to what our comrade Danny has been doing. Looking forward to seeing many things and there’s WonFes 2013 around the corner, so God and whoever else is hearing my prayer, please let me go there (I am now praying as I’ll be staying somewhere around Fukuoka and God who knows how much and how long will it take for me to reach Chiba on the 10th of February). So yeah, I’ll be seeing you. . . probably by this weekend! lolololol.

P.S. : Please do check out my upcoming posts or rather, travel journals!

Another P.S. : Kogasa will always be my waifu. MY waifu. /actofotakusupremacy


4 responses to “To someplace. . .

  1. Woohoo a trip to the land of the rising sun! Good for you and I’m soo envious!

    And Won Fes 13 too? Damn! Ahaha have the greatest fun and I will be eagerly awaiting your blogposts! And would you be there for long-term? Or just the 3 weeks?

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