A random group/club/doujin circle

Konbanwa to all of you readers~
Though a bit informal, I would like to introduce a certain group that was formed out of some idleness and a long time of name thinking.
Yes, I’m glad to introduce to all of you the Nihon Otaku-Hikikomori Kyoukai or known as the NOHK (kudos if you know). An otaku group formed by otakus for their fellow otakus. A group that was suppose to be club.

Currently we have at least 20 members, doing stuff ranging random anime watching to group convention raids. As of late, the NOHK has began several fanfic series (now working with one) and is planning for a visual novel. From group to club to doujin circle?

Anyhow, here’s a sample of our work. Hoping that you’d drop by and read. Also part us some of your thoughts and opinions.

11 responses to “A random group/club/doujin circle

  1. well that was interesting~ this is practically my first time reading a fanfiction and despite not being a fan of Touhou, I actually enjoyed reading it. I look forward to reading the next chapters(:

    • Thank you, thank you, and thank you~ I’ll give your regards to my co-author who I’ll probably introduce some time from now.

      Anyhow, we plan to publish a chapter every week, so do expect more!

      • ~ah that’s nice. will he be writing for the blog too? 🙂
        weekly chapter sounds nice but must also be difficult. good luck with that 😀 any particular day when you’ll publish them?

  2. Do you guys like wrote the chapters together or each person contribute one chapter? The story flows pretty well.

    Anyway, it’s a pretty cool idea, forming this hobby group with friends. Hobby is the best when shared with people who enjoys it equally right?! All the best!

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