Zero isn’t always bad – Kotobukiya 1/8 Saten Ruiko

Konbanwa to all of you~ I’m back for some blogging like I promised. Today’s post will be a figure review of a certain ordinary girl from A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Let’s begin.

Character Introduction:
Saten Ruiko is rather outgoing and approachable. She is an Academy City Level 0 esper, attending school with Uiharu Kazari – a classmate and close friend. Though only having cameo appearances in Toaru Majutsu no Index, She plays a main role in it’s spin-off, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

Main Review:
On to the main review, this version of Saten Ruiko is made by Kotobukiya and released sometime around 2011. Compared to Alter’s livelier rendition, this one portrays Saten in a more simple yet elegant manner.

For a somewhat simple sculpt, the overall figure is great – showing Saten in a more innocent but cute way – a break from her perverted skirt-flipping side. Putting aside some overly painted parts (which you’ll notice later on), the paint job on this figure is well done – small details such as the small flower on her head doesn’t have paint spills on them. Plus points for Kotobukiya!

The face perfectly captures Saten’s usual smile and expression.

Saten’s iconic white flower, though a bit glossy, looks good.

Saten’s back reveals her semi-flowing black hair – a mix of sharply and so-so detailed strands.

Her necktie and whatever-you-call-it (seifuku knowledge fail) are painted well. The white outline makes it a bit more interesting.

Her uniform has small patches of light blue – a really good touch to the overall feel of the figure.

Some random shots . . .

Probably one of the few concerns I have in regards to this figure – a really ugly cellphone. Good thing it’s not that noticeable from afar.

What I consider as one of the few highlights of this figure. I’m quite happy that Kotobukiya decided to add the navel part – definitely makes the figure a whole lot better (for me at least).

Showing Saten’s curves . . .

Putting aside the paint, the few creases are the only details that Saten’s skirt has.

Saten’s left hand is posed in a very “neko” manner.

Not having zettai ryouiki can also be good from time to time. Saten’s slender legs are rather lovely, aren’t they?

Black and shiny – that’s how school shoes should be.

I really do hope that Saten came with another base. The transparent orange doesn’t feel very “scientific” for me. Transparent light blue/cerulean perhaps.

As simple as she is, I can say Kotobukiya did one great job with this rendition of Saten. Though she came with several paint problems, (some of you might not have even noticed) Saten is definitely worth my 3000 yen (grab her off Mandarake, so yeah). If you’re a fan of the toaru series or even just of high school girls, I recommend that you go get her already. I assure you, your money will be put to good use.

That pretty much finishes up my review. As always, I do hope you do come and drop by here in our “slowly-recovering-from-mass-procrastination” otaku haven. See you all next time o/

Now time for some campaigning and anime catch-up 😀


6 responses to “Zero isn’t always bad – Kotobukiya 1/8 Saten Ruiko

  1. 3000 is a good deal off Manda! Haha she looks pleasant and cheerful as well! I’m just curious about the skin your pictures it’s kinda glossy but I wonder if it’s the lighting?

  2. Ah man, Saten. Oddly enough by the end I ended liking her a lot she is fun and charming. If there is one girl I would like to date from Railgun it would be her.

    Koto did a fairly decent job, for that price who can complain really about the minor setbacks.

    • Yup same here. If I were asked who I liked the most in the series, it would be Misaka/Last Order for Index and Saten for Railgun. She’s just so . . . normally different (lol, I think I may have a thing for perverted girls 😀 oh well)

      Exactly, with that price, it’s totally understandable if there are any problems.

  3. I have no idea who she is! Oh boy. I haven’t seen the series. I’m ashamed. >///<

    This figure is overall simple, but she looks happy and innocent. Is this how she is in the series?

    • Then I suggest you know her 😀 You can’t simply have enough of seemingly normal high school girls :))))

      Uhmmm, I’d rather if you find out yourself XD

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