Second Strike!

Secondo Rai– Second Strike! Yes. Me, the team, and the blog has seemingly died for two times already. The school’s “work spamming”, some unofficial otaku group management, fanfic/novel writing, a whole lot of Touhou and galge pretty much took up my usual blogging time (Very irresponsible, yeah?) No. Despite my A+ skill in procrastination, I have no plans on stopping my blog at all (I may not post as much though).

Starting for the third time, I’ve across the thought of changing some things – and so I did. Following the advice of comrade Miette-chan, I’ve chosen and applied a new theme which would better accommodate all my photos. I’ve also decided to remove all unnecessary rss feeds and just concentrate with content/navigation related widgets. Now with the drop down blogroll gone, the importance of my blog director has increased (I’ll get this up by Wednesday next week. Hopefully.)

Now with all things set (for the nth time :P), I do hope to get back on the right blogging track – so please do look forward to more posts coming from OtaSensei! Hoping that you all would come and drop by o/

That aside, here’s a random preview of my upcoming post~ Hope you check it out~


4 responses to “Second Strike!

  1. I like your new theme, a nice size for the pictures not too small or big. Post whenever you can, while regular posting is nice and all it’s not necessarily always a feasible option for whatever reason, as long as you don’t stop.

    Now you reminded me I never gotten around to making an actual blog roll page and get rid of my own drop down list. So many things to do, so many social distractions.

    • Glad you like it. And yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.

      Though I did love the drop down list, I always had this feeling that something’s missing, so yeah, might as well change it.

  2. School’s “work spamming”, haha, I like that word. Mine is “office work spamming”. Oh well, as long as our interest in figures and anime still live, I suppose our blogs will still too. It doesn’t really matter (to me) if a blog goes dormant for a while so long it comes back again!

    Keep it up, Ruoani.

    • Yes, the term “work spamming” should be put in the dictionary >_<

      I guess so since blogging is a part of my interests. Thank you, and hopefully I do,

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