Just dropping by! ! – Cosplay Mania XII

In the middle of Manila’s heavy traffic and moderately light rain, I head to the SMX Convention Center for what is known as the largest cosplay-centered convention: Cosplay Mania. Running in its fifth installment, Cosmania was loaded with exhibitors, the usual con-goers, and well . . . cosplayers XD

As I entered the main event hall (took a while though cuz the line was hell @_@), I was greeted by this cheery-looking Tsukihi cosplayer. Run Tsukihi run! Before your onii-chan catches you! After some crowd-joining and stage-watching, I decide to go to the usual place – Team Onii-chan’s display booth.

Jun Planning’s 1/6 Shana catches my attention immediately. Washboard and bandages – what else can I ask for? A 2007 exclusive at that.

Next up are the lolis from Haganai. After seeing them in person, I actually kinda regret not ordering them.

Ostensibly white. Max Factory’s Kamineko also stand out from the other figure eyecandy.

The LatMiku photo in the middle looks familiar, yes? XDDDD

Griffon Enterprises’ Curiosities of Lotus Asia Ver. has to be one of the prettiest renditions of Reimu out there.

HENSHIN! Good to see that someone has completed the Akibaranger set 😀

That face . . . .

Kotobukiya does a great job yet again with their accurate rendition of Yu-Gi-Oh’s iconic Black Magician Girl.

Local hobby shops like Wasabi Toys and Greattoysonline! also set up booths which attracted quite a lot of people . . . . and traffic XD

magnetic-rose also has a booth – the only blogging booth that’s also an official Media Partner.

From magnetic-rose’s collection, I spot what my father recognizes as a grail to his growing Initial D collection.

Now done with I came for, I took some shots of cosplayers whom I find notable. Awesome naginata-armed Samurai cosplay here~

Putting aside the foreign guests, the best cosplayers are oddly found outside. Epic Raiden cosplay is epic.

What I really came for – my preordered figma Sanya, ELISA’s Real Force album, and Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Saten Ruiko – the bulk of my September looting. So much for a coverage of supposedly cosplay-centered convention XD Oh well XDDDD With OtaSensei’s anniversary just in the corner (one quarter to go!) I guess I have to pace up somethings 😀 As per post, thank you for dropping by~


2 responses to “Just dropping by! ! – Cosplay Mania XII

  1. Looks a like a fun event, I been itching for something like this for a while now. I wonder if the upcoming winter anime con will have figure displays it would cool.

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