The Thing About Impulse Buying

Konbanwa to all of you~ Starting out as a figure blog, all I have been doing is reviewing figures and covering events – haven’t shared much opinion on things that affect the lives of us otaku. Saying so, I have come here tonight to talk about a weakness that has probably plagued every single figure collector – Impulse Buying.

“What is impulse buying?”. It is the act of purchasing/buying products or services without any plans. Usually led by emotions triggered by seeing the actual product or exposure to extensive advertising . Basically? Emotionally-led buying.

“Why bother talking about it?”. I’ll mention it again. It affects the lives of us otakus. How? Impulse Buying can mean two things for us. More merchandise that we all love and an empty wallet that we all hate. Obviously, most of us try to avoid the latter. I have seen and heard a lot figure collectors ranting about how they regret buying their figures simply because they ran out of money or how impulsively bought figures lose their “color” after some time. (I don’t really have a word for it so :P).

“How do we avoid impulse buying?”. There are a lot of methods to. Some methods may include from slight to painful restrictions, while others simple budgeting and financial discipline.
Step 1: Determine your financial capabilities
Impulse Buying is not actually a bad thing, that is, if you have money to. Knowing your capabilities to dish out dough, knowing what you can and can’t buy are important steps in hobby budgeting. Knowing so allows you to set limits for yourself (though the limits are usually broken . . . at least for me :P)
Step 2: Determine your priorities and needs
Probably the thing that has kept me sane in terms of hobby spending. As a student who relies on allowances and term incentives, determining my priorities allow me to streamline my planned purchases thus saving me a lot of money and stress. Example: I like loli figures . . . A LOT XD but since I’m currently prioritizing my Strike Witches shrine I’d do well not to stray away from the plan and buy other figures.
Step 3: Deprive yourself of valuable resources
Simple but bothersome. Go get all your money —> Deposit it in a bank —> Go give your ATM card to someone trustworthy (uhmm like your parents?)Depriving yourself of resources only does one thing – financially crippling you but return, it gives you a whole lot of savings you can spend on figures that really matter.
Step 4: Don’t browse online shops until you have the money to spend
I admit, browsing mandarake and amiami is a pleasure. If you want to avoid impulse buying, just don’t look at shops until such time as you have banknotes to burn – simple right?

Impulse Buying can add a bit of spice in your figure collecting life – wanted or unwanted. It all sums up to your self-discipline when it comes to handling the money that you earn. Putting aside true/dictionary/wikipedia definition, impulse buying, for me, is just a reason to justify the purchases that we didn’t really want.

P.S. You probably have noticed that I have not been blogging as much lately. Please pardon me for that *points at VNs* I just get distracted way too fast XD


12 responses to “The Thing About Impulse Buying

  1. For me, I tend to only pick characters I like from the anime I know they are from. If I don’t know what anime/game the character is from, then I don’t buy them. I know a lot of hardcore collectors even collect the figures they had no idea where they are originated from.

    Step 4 is something I usually did too. But sometimes, I can only blame my hand for accidentally popping up amiami or any other figurine websites D: I also know a lot of blogs which provide news of latest figures too, which is really bad.

    This post reminds me of my last “impulse buying” where I immediately pre-ordered 4 figures, lol. One of them is Kuroyohime nendoroid from Accel World. After a while, I cancelled that order and pre-ordered the figma version instead >_>

    don’t figures they don’t

    • well said, I too easily succumb to impulse buying when I enter hobby shops. Although I am not really a hardcore collector I sometimes pick up figures from an anime/game that I don’t even know, just to find out that it was a good idea all along.

    • Same here. I only order and buy the figures I know and love.

      Step 4 is . . . quite hard isn’t it? Specially for a person like me who spends most of his time on the net. Oh the temptation~

      4 figures @_@ That sheer quantity makes me want to get a job sooner. Graduation please come already! 😀

  2. I used to be more of an impulsive buyer when I was oddly enough a student with no secure income. May be it was the mentality of, if I don’t buy it now I never will, since I might not have money next time.

    Now that I am employed though not so much. After I pay my bills, set money aside for my savings and necessities such as meals the rest is fair game. Since I know when I will have money I plan my purchases in advance, deciding for the most part what I will spend my money every pay check.

    • Well there’s that mentality that’s reinforced when you know that certain figures appreciate and eventually disappear with the passing of time.

      Like I said on comment above – I want to get a job already!

    • As you read above, I only see it as an excuse to buy figures – though come to think of it, impulse buying has lead me to raise up more money. Hmm, anyway yeah.

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  4. Impulse buying hits me the most when I have money and nothing to spend on… or conventions where they discount like crazy and you feel like you need to get something. XD
    The solution to it…PRE-ORDER! You will eventually reach the stage where you seriously have nothing you want to buy..and only waiting for pre-orders to you’re like spending every month still…just NOT on impulse purchases…which pretty much adds up to the same thing..=O

    • I know right, them convention conspirators >.<

      And yup, lately I have taken this humble route. Pre-order is quite convenient nowadays. With all the delays going around, we figure collectors have so much time to save up 😀

  5. Impulse buying, wallet’s worst enemy.

    I’m doing okay when it comes to buying figure. Mostly because I already had a set of guidelines for myself. I had to set it to avoid this, of course. As the result of the guideline, which i follow rather strictly, I don’t own a lot figures, have more shelf space and only my favorites on display!

    I did say rather strictly right? Haha, that’s because I impulsively bought a set of Lucky Star nendoroid petite at AFAMY. I wanted the maiden shrine version for so long, I guess it’s okay? Besides, the price is a lot more cheaper should I have bought it online.

    • I guess it applies differently to everyone, mine happens to be a case of: love of figures > love of wallet XD

      Well seeing as how you’ve liked it for so long and considering the cheaper price, not “impulsively” buying it would be the sin.

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