Best of Anime 2012 – When Charging Your Camera Really Matters

Late night to you all! It’s been I-don’t-know-how-long since I last blogged. Exams, some exams, a whole lot exams paired up with Saturdays classes has eaten much of my reserved blogging time that’s why I’m quite happy to be back here talking to you guys 😀

Going to do a really really really really brief coverage (11 photos is brief for a coverage right?) of the recently concluded Best of Anime 2012 held during September 15 – 16 at the SMX Convention Center.

If you’re going to ask what is the main difference between BoA and all the other conventions I have covered is that BoA has a seemingly abundant amount of chairs – unoccupied chairs XD That over there is her majesty, magnetic-rose, holding a blogging workshop for . . . well . . . bloggers XD

Probably this my first time to see the Alter-Saki pair. Loving how loli-looking Koromo is~

Seeing the pair makes me want to get my Eila faster. I’m a bit worried about the recent anti-Japanese riots in China – my October orders might get delayed @_@

Black Hanekawa from Kotobukiya~ Anything with kemonomimi is 100% more moe, don’t you agree nya~

Lovely Tony Luka by Max Factory. Now beginning to regret not pre-ordering her . . . then again, figures tend to go sale nowadays 😀

I can’t get tired of saying it, PLUM is showing damn promise – the recently released God Eater’s Alice over here is another proof.

Not much of a coverage eh? Well, like the title suggests, my camera died in the middle of the photoshoot 😛 I left the house thinking that I would only be dropping by for a short while (the blogging workshop and sheer amount of Higurashi figs caught me) . . . *sigh* damn. Sorry if this all I have to offer you for now. Hopefully, if the blogging deities are kind enough, maybe I can do some more blogging this week. Time to catch some sleep again~ oyasumi~


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