Figma Mirai Suenaga

A very very late konbanwa to all! Back from “light-novel-reading-hermit” mode to present you a quick review I planned around seven months ago (talk about the epitome of procrastination XDDDD)

This review will be featuring a certain Japanese pop culture blog mascot.

Starting out as an illustration in comrade Danny’s blog, Mirai has gain popularity worldwide – eventually enjoy multiple collaboration project with Nitro+ and Good Smile Company. She also serves as the narrator for the later seasons of Culture Japan.

[Sukirai . . . so catchy]

With a big smile in her face, Mirai is your “typical high school girl”. Your somewhat well-endowed one at that. Being a “typical high school girl”, Mirai comes with an orangey seifuku and miniskirt. Articulation wise [photos not shown], Mirai is standard if not, better because of the new flexible figma skirt that she comes with.

Note: Though the figure looks great in itself, the damn faceplate keeps on popping off every single time it’s touched >…<

Note: The camera – probably one of the few worthwhile figma accessories you can actually have.

Note: Staying loyal to the illustrations, smalls details such as the letter “d” and her pin can be found. Nice saturation of orange.

Note: The ahoge looks so thick. Makes me want to fix it [as if I can XD]

Note: As stated above, the new flexible miniskirts give a wider range of articulation compared to those with figmas like Yuu Kawamura [which I’ll be doing a review on after I get all the Se.Kirara girls] The miniskirt also reveals a refreshing amount of skin.

Note: Note: No complaints about the D grade zettai ryouiki here XD

Note: Talk about underwhelming – Mirai is probably the figma I have with the least number of accessories.

– Mini Mirai dollfie
– Mini digicam
– Mini handkerchief
– Alternate crying face plate
– 2 sets of spare hands

Note: The mini dollfie’s rear is molded to the shape of an arm to allow balance when in use.

Note: Personally the best figma portrayal of Mirai . . . the faceless dollfie looks quite creepy though.

Note: Surprisingly, there is hardly any paint bleeds with this small accessory.

Note: “Now Now Mirai. There’s no need to cry over the lack of accessories. You get a nendo version filled with one anyway” XD

Overall the figma is good [putting aside the incredibly loose faceplates and arms] – I’ve yet to see a Max Factory product disappoint [at least personally] Though you can the sparsity of her accessories is complete bummer, the sheer amount of playability and photograph opportunities her typicality brings outweighs this. If you’re planning on supporting comrade Danny go ahead otherwise just keep your money – there a whole lot more figure out there worth your burning your dough for. And have I told you? this Mirai was given to me as payment of some sorts so . . . never mind. That wraps up this terrifically procrastinated review. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks and please do drop by again!

I starting to like girls with knives . . . .


15 responses to “Figma Mirai Suenaga

  1. I was never really a fan of Mirai but this figma really looks cute. and those accessories!! XD and on that last picture, I don’t know if it’s just me but her right hand seems bigger?? or un-proportional to her??

    • Moe is what a “typical high school girl” specializes in. I think you’re right, the right hand does seem bigger [I’ve had her for half a year and just noticed now]

  2. I think this might be one of my least liked figmas. Loose arms that pop out, loose torso joint, and not even the standard set of figma hands are included all for the price of a figmas that comes with way more stuff.

    I think the only reason I bought her was as a nod to the guy who got me into figmas in the first place.

  3. Is it just me, or does Mirai have glossy orange color for her hair? o3o And yeah faceless Dolife is really creepy, reminds me of this one person with a dolly all the time from Kamen Rider 000 XD…… forgot his name, is it Dr.-something…. xD

  4. Haha, I find the little doll creepy as well. If the doll has eyes maybe it’s not so creepy. I’m not a fan of Mirai, but she comes with a lot of cool accessories. Especially her upcoming Nendoroid! Omg, the car! Are you getting that too?

    • You’re like the 3rd one who said the faceless doll is creepy XD Not a fan of Mirai as well, bought it to support comrade Danny. For the Nendoroid? Well, as long money doesn’t magically appear in my wallet, I won’t be making any pre-orders soon T^T

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