Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Episode 5

After being postponed by the Olympics for two weeks it returned. The return of this and Koichoco put my watching schedule in complete chaos.

The whole episode is dedicated to Sagara Mei who shares the same VA as Scarlet Rain in Accel World. After having a inactive role in the previous episodes, she get a whole episode dedicated for her. The revelation of the previous episode must not be enough as he is still being stalked.

We get to learn more of Mei’s past. A really unexpected revelation. Never thought that she grew up like that.


The guy was able to put up  a flag with Mei in the episode. After this Mei is currently my most favorite character.


I could say that the series so far is decent. That was my conclusion after watching 5 episodes. I will still be watching this to the end. I accidentally clicked a spoiler button in some forum (damn my curiosity). As a result I know what happens in the novel (if it’s correct). If you really want to know, go search for it.

That is a swimsuit not pantsu.


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