Yuru Yuri S2 Episode 7

This episode focuses mainly on the relationships between some of the characters and their sisters. The characters are Sakurako, Himawari, Chitose and Akarin. Don’t forget some of Yui and Chinatsu.

So much siblings in here. I never knew that Sakurako had some harsh siblings. She is the only one who is laid back. Her onee-san and imouto are very serious and stirct. Even her imouto has no respect for her.

I still don’t get why women are so conscious at their weight. That’s one personal problem shown here.

Chitose and Chizuru had some screen time. One of the traits shared between them is that if they remove their glasses they fantasize. A difference between them is that Chitose has nose bleeds while Chizuru drools. It was nice seeing their fantasies. [ Especially the one about Chitose and  Ayano ]

Yui only had a very short appearance and her imouto was also present. (This episode is all about them anyway)

Chinatsu’s onee-san had a quick discussion only. It turns out she has a very obvious secret. [ She is like Akarin’s onee-san ]

Akarin’s situation is the last in the episode. I could only say one thing about it. She’s creepy. Her onee-sans reaction is the same thing I do whenever parent’s come into my room late at night while watching anime in my PSP.


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