Hyouka Episode 17

This episode is the end of the Juumoji arc. In the end…..

……they sold out.

What a unexpected turn of events. The festival ended without everyone knowing who Juumoji really is.

There was a flag raised between Mayaka and Satoshi. I won’t be surprised if they ended up together, but so far there is not that much romance in here. Especially with Houtaro and Eru. Since romance is not part of its genre, I won’t be expecting any.

Irisu gave Eru more tips. Her tip was not surprising. In fact I knew it from the start.

If you want to know who Juumoji might be, there is a suspicious guy in the background and that same guy won’t be surprised while  the rest are. It will later be revealed by Houatro that that guy is Juumoji.

(if you want to know highlight the paragraph above.)

At the beginning of the arc, they thought that Hyouka will never sold out. In the end, however they did, because Houtaro found out who he is and blackmailed him. Which helped alot in the sales of Hyouka.

This arc still hold the tile of being the most entertaining for me. With 17 episode done that only means that there is only 4 episode left. Will the next episodes be another arc or will it be just some random school mysteries? Well you might have to read the novel (if that part is already translated) or just wait.

I added a new feature that I will most likely be putting on future posts.


2 responses to “Hyouka Episode 17

    • I agree with you. Though I somehow miss the 1st half’s atmosphere. A new arc would be nice if it can fit in 3 more episodes. If not, hopefully a new season.

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