Yuru Yuri S2 Episode 6

I had this since Monday but choppy internet and loads of school work delayed this.

A new opening, about Mirakurun. At least it wasn’t like Genshiken. I really thought I got the wrong series. Also that one episode in To Love-Ru about Magical Girl Kyouko.

Comiket (called Comuket here) occurs at this time of the year. The amusement club has its own circle. Kyouko must be skilled to be able to imitate all those voices. She also seems to be popular and their stuff sold well. The Comiket part took up more than half of the episode. Cosplay in anime, for me, is always the best. Way more than real 3D cosplay. (I may be biased with preference for the 2D world). The whole main cast cosplayed. Obviously as the characters of Kyouko’s favorite anime.

Yes….they’re detachable

The rest of the episode is a random discussion. Completely random due to them drawing lots. When Kyouko suddenly started to crave for pancakes was something I could relate to while nearing the end of Little Busters. Random discussion are very entertaining in the Slice-of-Life genre.

Like many other summer season anime, this is about halfway done. It looks like Akarin is still a prominent character. Her development to a background character seems to be much slower compared to its previous season. (I watched the first season months ago, so I may be mistaken)

I’ll be posting Hyouka 17 and Episode 7 0f Yuru Yuri once school work lessens. (Hopefully tomorrow)


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