Minor Updates . . . .

Putting aside the totally unrelated photo and a week’s worth of hard raining, I’m finally back XD Here to present you some ongoing and planned updates that I’ve been doing/planning for quite some time.

Minor Updates:
As some of may not notice, there’s actually a collections page ! ! Added some banners/links to allow readers to easily find figure reviews (in the middle of doing it actually)

Planned Updates:
For quite some time, the entire blogroll was transferred into a drop down menu which was meant for pages. With an empty page, I’ve recently decided to make a blog directory – similar to those you see around – hopefully by Friday.

The OtaSensei group has been running the blog for more than half a year now. Still considered as beginners in the realm of blogging, we would like to know what can we do to improve your reading experience – anything from bg color to the way we take our photos. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated, hope to hear them soon ^^

Random Photo dump:
Wouldn’t want unused photos to go to waste XD


6 responses to “Minor Updates . . . .

  1. Seems sensible enough, I think a visual approach for review archives are the best. People don’t read but they do look at pictures. My only suggestion would be bigger pictures or a bigger central column, with the way things are it looks a bit squeezed in together.

    • Agreed, it is easier to look at photos than to read a bunch of text. Noticed that as well. With all the widgets around, space for my main content seems compressed.

  2. That’s a good idea on the collection. Maybe you can do the same for anime episodic coverage like one tiny, cute banner for Yuru Yuri, another for Hyouka, so on and so forth.

  3. Oh a collection page? That’s actually a pretty good idea. I may *ahem*copy*ahem* your idea for my blog 😀 Since I got quite a number of figure posts as well (not a lot though).

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