Hyouka Episode 16

Another glorious day off today due to heavy rains. Meaning more free time to do things unrelated to school.

Nothing is solved yet only more clues and possible connections.

I take this episode to be an indirect reminder to hurry up and finish at least one route in Little Busters. The reason is because the name/word Kudryavka was present in here.

A new method to stop Eru’s curiosity was developed by Houtaro. The method is so effective that Eru’s eyes became colorless. Somehow similar to Kotonoha of School Days. (Remember, this will not be another “Nice Boat” title)

It looks like Houtaro has some problem in reading some Kanji characters. He also doesn’t know the name of their school’s very own Student Council President.

I was expecting the Juumoji Incident’s to solved here. Once the episode reached its halfway mark, I knew that it won’t be possible. That too could be considered good news for me. Since that means that I’ll be able to enjoy more of this arc. So far, for me, this arc is the best.

5 more episodes to go and this series will end. Which reminds me, a new KyoAni anime will be airing this October. The title is “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!”.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to put up the Yuru Yuri review later.


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