Otaku Expo Reload 2012: Day 2

The second day continuation of miester97’s coverage of Otaku Expo Reload 2012:

“Still tired from the day before, your resident lolicon hurriedly watches Muv-Luv Alternative, takes his lunch, and leaves. After several minutes of walking, getting in to line, and buying the entrance ticket. Ruoani is back to the same place he was yesterday.”

Enough of the random story telling and let’s get to that coverage! XD

Not much of coverage but a photoshoot of Team Onii-chan’s figure display. Oh how I love figures and taking photoshoots of them ❤ (You should have noticed long ago XD)

Yamato’s Ignis looking as dynamic as ever.

Lolilicious Suwako-tan from QuesQ – Awesome magnetic hat is awesome ^^

Recently reading a review of QuesQ’s Yukari leaves me yearning for her miniskirt and garterbelt >.<

Please do tell me if it’s bad to drool and shout “ITADAKIMASU!” whenever I see lolis. Moetan >u<

Not much of an oppai fan, but hey! Nanoha sure looks great!

After the Append and Lat, probably the only Miku left the that I am aiming for . . . . I think . . . .

The first succubus I fell in love with – Kurumu-chan~

Melty kawaii~

Hope GK Saya goes pre-painted soon.

Her Majesty’s Motored Cuirassier is just glorious. Too damn glorious.

If Mayushi and Kurisu really did wear cheerleader outfits in the anime, Stein;Gate would have been so much better XD

Staple of IBRS – an accessory bigger than the figure itself 😛

SD Strike looking awesome with all those decals.

The Tieren Space Type here seems to be painted after the Human Reform League’s flag.

You can never have a gunpla contest without Amuro’s RX-78 standing close by.

Tarps usually are sold through auctions after the event. Left too early @_@

An example of the usual auction.

Well the finishes up the Expo’s Day 2 coverage. Spent some dough but it was definitely fun (have to save up now specially since WonFes brought up quite a lot) Hope to do more soon with the other authors ^^ Have to get some sleep, classes tomorrow . . . . oyasuminasai~


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