Figma Phantasmoon, Hajimaru Yo!

“Due to classes being suspended today I’ll was able to write this and some other review today.”

– miester97

Yes, and due to the same reason (yet again?!) I am able to write and do this figure review that has been procrastinated for quite some time.

Finally arriving two weeks ago, I can now do a rather short review of Phantasmoon, the oppai magical girl/true ancestor hailing from Type-Moon’s OVA series, Carnival Phantasm.

Just a brief background on Phantasmoon and Carnival Phantasm, Phantasmoon is the magical girl parody of Arcuied Brunestud, one of the main heroines of the visual novel/anime, Tsukihime, while Carnival Phantasm is Type-Moon’s 10th Anniversary OVA series based from Eri Takanashi’s doujin, Take Moon.

Moving on with review, Phantasmoon signifies a . . . . . well . . . . . magical girl! From the overly bright dress to the cheerful winking facial expressions, Phantasmoon is the staple of the old magical girl concept – the old concept where magical girls fired off their killer moves point-blank with big smiles on their faces.

Note: Winking facial expressions increase the effectiveness of finishing attacks by as much as two times.

<Note: Oppai decreases the damage from enemy attacks.

Note: Double-layered skirt construction allows Phantasmoon greater articulation.

Visually, Phantasmoon looks amazing. Painting on the white dress and blue skirt is well done with only minimal paint bleeds specially with the gold finishing of her dress – Good qc from Max Factory.

Accessory-wise, Phantasmoon only comes with a few:
– 2 extra faceplates
– surprisingly glorious amount of hands
– the Phantasm rod and its effect part
– the bats and their stands
– mapo tofu?!

Got to love this expression ^^

When figure companies decide to release all their figures on November, when you don’t have the money to throw at your computer screen, you can . . . . .
throw a plate of your delicious mapo tofu . . . .

throw baseball player Mizuno’s used baseball bat . . . . wait. who’s Mizuno? . . . .

or perhaps throw the “hero creation kit” offered by Grail-kun

Sadly, the pinky on this figure was broken even before I got her . . . . damn. I guess I have to report this to GSC’s customer service or whatever . . . .

Overall, Phantasmoon is amazing, she is able to deliver the fun and playability that a lot of recent figmas haven’t been able to do. The detail of the figma outweighs the minor flaws that comes with it – a sign that MF is trying to keep up their quality control. Definitely worth your hard-earned dough.

That wraps up everything, hope you enjoy the rather short review ^^ Many thanks to Greattoysonline! from which I ordered her from. As usual, thank you for dropping by and hope to see you in the succeeding posts! This is your resident lolicon, Ruo signing out!

Still mourning over breaking Mikuru-chan’s balljoint btw . . . .


8 responses to “Figma Phantasmoon, Hajimaru Yo!

  1. Ah, I see you also got yourself Phantasmoon and the of brains. =D
    Sadly mine has a QC issue, making her upper torso easily pops out… Very annoying, that.

  2. Ha, I love the expressions she comes with. So nice from happy and teasing to angry. Although I still feel a great disjoint between my past experiences with Acrueid and this figma since I only seen her in Melty Blood.

    • Yes, the expression are definitely cute. Well, my experiences with Arcueid goes back to when I was still playing Tsukihime – the true ancestor and magical girl Arcuied really are two different characters (at least for my opinion XD)

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