Yuru Yuri S2 Episode 2-4

After three weeks of extreme procrastination, I finally decided to post this. Hopefully this will be the last catch-up review of this season.

Episode 2

A lot of discussion between the fourmain characters. Their subjects are really random. Just what I like in a slice-of-life anime. For me, the best part would be the snake and the bug. I’d like it if they showed what Chitose was fantasizing about despite the snake running loose in the room.

Episode 3

Two student council girls have a large part here. One of them helps Chinatsu for her valentines gift to Yui. Chinatsu does well when she doen’t put effort but if she does, the results are disastrous. Having frog meat in chocolate or pig’s feet in marshmallow sounds better.

Episode 4

I can relate to Ayano (Student Council Vice President) in the first half. Wearing gas masks against allergies?! I’d rather war sun glasses and a medical mask. Akari is fading now to a background character. She used her status in the second half to prevent being splashed. I noticed that Akari had very little screen time recently. I think it would change once her sister appears.

P.S I’ll be posting the Nakaimo review tomorrow


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