Hyouka Episode 15

Due to classes being suspended today I’ll was able to write this and some other review today.

With the recent robberies that happened in other clubs, the Classics Club decided to investigate it. After Eru becomes curious, Houtaro knows that he’ll have to solve something, but luckily, it’s impossible. Why? Because the suspect could be among the 1000 students and the countless visitors present. They still decided to investigate it, but Houtaro remains inactive.

It was surprising to find out that the recent incidents followed a certain pattern. the pattern is the first ten characters of the gojūon.

Those vocaloid cosplayers needs to shut up. They keep on insulting Mayaka. If I can jump to the 2D world. I’d knock some sense into them.

Eru used the three techniques taught to her by Irisu on the Wall Newspaper Club guy. Namely:

  • Make them feel like you have expectations for them
  • Give them the impression that it’s not important to you
  • Ask someone of the opposite sex in private

She did all of that but it obviously failed. Probably because she doesn’t know how she does it in depth.

This episode still didn’t conclude the mystery. A very interesting episode for me, it really made me think on how could the thief commit the crimes. I’ll awaiting the next episode next week. Hopefully, it will all be solved.


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