Hyouka Episode 14

The Kanya Festival arc continues with still seemingly no mystery yet. Ever since episode 12 it became a normal slice-of-life anime.

We learned some tips from Irisu herself on how to make people do some things for you. The most important tip is to try to ask the opposite sex in a private room. This is probably why she asks Houtaro out for tea a few episodes back.

The second half, this time, is about the cooking competition. the members of their team are Satoshi, Eru, and Mayaka. Each of them cooked some dishes which I never heard of before. What the Astronomy Club’s second member made, reminded me of Cecilia and her burned pot in the Infinite Stratos OVA.

At the end, the mystery is finally starting but I wouldn’t mind another slice-of-life episode. The mysterious robberies that happened will finally be answered soon.

Overall, I could say that this episode is about 99% slice of life and 1% mystery. The reason is because the mystery only started during the last few minutes. The best part of this episode, for me, is the cooking competition for  some reasons.

I would’ve posted this a few days back but since I had bad connection I was only able to post it now. :p


One response to “Hyouka Episode 14

  1. as far as this arc is concern, the thing I like the most has got to be the cooking competition here :3 Everyone was very fun to watch and funny how Houtarou even called out for Satoshi just to give the flour(:

    and yeah, finally the mystery has been set. probably next episode Chitanda will tell Houtarou all about it. I’m a little excited for it 😛

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