Delay . . . . .

As the chance to make a figure review arises, disaster strikes. Mikuru, being one of my oldest figures, sadly broke her left arm ball joint. Currently looking a solution, I’d have to postpone . . . again . . . sigh
(Picture below was taken several seconds before the joint broke off)

Any of you have tips on fixing figma joints? Help would be greatly appreciated.


10 responses to “Delay . . . . .

  1. You can always try the drilling fix. Drill something to hold the joint together, a thick piece or wire or so. I find that gluing joints doesn’t really work out since the pressure you put on it when you move it might snap it off again.

  2. Sorry to hear that… Other than what Miette-chan mentioned… the other alternative is to get a cheap figma and uses it’s joint…

  3. WUT??? now that’s a shame, I was looking forward to this post.. 😦 well, from my point of view, Miette-chan’s solution is the best, and yet quite dangerous too, since if you go with the drilling fix, everything would go smooth if it’s drilled right! 😀 on the other hand, eventually the arm parts would become REALLY lose, until the joint itself couldn’t support the arm alone… 😛 (A friend of mine tried it once) If i were you, I’d go with bd77-san’s suggestions and get a new(pirated)figma and use it’s joint! (I always do it for my gunplas, not sure though if this works for figmas…. :P)

    • Sadly it is 😦 Well if I can get a new drill I’d be able too since I have most of the tools and like I’d said, I’ll probably just buy a bootleg and salvage its ball joint XD

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