Hyouka Episode 11-13

After school ate alot of my time (and the S;G and LB VNs) I am finally able to post some overdue posts.

Episode 11

Everyone is questioning his ending, even Eru. A fatal mistake since he forgot to include a crucial piece of evidence to know what Hougou really planned. Houtaro was able to stop his energy-saving lifestyle, even though it was temporary. We get to see him get mad at Irisu and claims that she only used him. But it turned out what Hougou really wanted is that everyone will have fun. Meaning, she probably didn’t care on what the ending will be.

The episode was interesting since I got to see what everyone looks like when they’re disappointed and Houtaro being angry. Everything was cleared up but sadly since the movie is already done, they can’t apply Houtaro’s final ending.

Episode 12

It’s that time of the year when Kanya Festival takes place. Satoshi dresses up as something weird again. Some of the Manga Society members cosplaying as some of the vocaloids. Mayaka is also cosplaying. She is Frol from some 1986 anime movie called “They Were Eleven“. There was no mystery involved in this episode. Only some problems.

Nothing special about this episode. The only thing that I found interesting was when Eru was getting distracted too much.

Episode 13

Still no mystery involved, but there are some questions that could lead to a mystery. Namely:

  • The Wheel of Fortune
  • The manga of Mayaka
  • The stolen stones of the Go Club

This arc is starting to get interesting. The best moment here, for me, is when Eru found out that Houtaro looked at her photos.


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