Acchi Kocchi: Coup de Grace

Why the Coup de grace? Mainly because the Acchi Kocchi reviews will be finished in one falling swoop/blog. No real killing intended. College haz started and time isn’t too luxurious. If only school flew by as fast as summer does.

Six episode reviews are missing but this will attempt to internalize and show a general thought of them all. Whatever is mentioned is taken mostly out from episodes six to twelve. But firstly…

The definition of “Acchi Kocchi” or “あちこち”

Here and there; to and fro; back and forth; in various places

The show truly is consistent with its name. The cast goes to and fro; from their own vacation, to a school festival, then a New Year gathering. They cover various places and topics; school uniforms, flirting, bullying each other… but the anime isn’t too heavy in terms of plot and complications. Heck, there is no major conflict with the characters besides the jokes they play on each other. Some find this change of pace and taste refreshing from all the planet destroying action they often watch.

One major perks of Acchi Kocchi is that it revolves around the oh-so-ideal desires of any Japanese-culture loving otaku. (Ahhh, if we had a choice wouldn’t we all go there?)

1.School uniforms 2. Being with your crush in various situations 3. Watching girls enjoy their vacation 4. Having scrumptious meals 5. Festival garments/kimonos 6. For the girls, seeing Io in a host outfit 

7. Pranks played on each other.

8. Physical gags which are indifferent to all characters. Pain falls upon those deserve it and don’t. Poor Io-kun.

But at the end things weren’t just gags or jokes. The producers showed a precious (serious) moment between Io and Tsumiki.

Special mention: There is no fighting between the two… but rather a fight against the elements/rain and human nature. Tsumiki wanted to show her feelings for Io by giving him chocolate she had made. Unfortunately, she forgot it at home. Tsumi-chi didn’t whine but decided to bare the weather and retrieve the goods. Sure, it was just chocolates, but it what was important to Tsumiki to show love. No one would blame her if she just gave it the next day, but this was her stand/declaration of commitment to Io. This would be truly amazing to see a little girl do in real life. It would downright shame the whole world.  Heck it would be amazing to see any person do this with clean motives. Noble acts are a rarity indeed.

The relationship between the two isn’t one-sided. Io gives back to his friends as much as they give him. Tsumiki is a special case though. She receives an extra handmade gift… and she timidly says thank you… a moment that can make even the hardest of hearts mellow.

If I could I’d watch the anime all over again I would. It has a soothing effect on me and life seems to be way less complicated. I guess we all thought more like the characters when we were young… growing up really does change a lot. Thank you Fumitoshi Oizaki for deciding to direct this wonderful anime. You did splendid. :3 I’d score this 9/10 for living up to the genre of being a romantic comedy and slice of life.

Low (or none at all) drama, nose bleeding moe characters, wonderful voice actors, light-hearted comedy, and a twinkling light that gently brings our attention to two very special characters who walk to school almost everyday… enjoying life with friends. Nothing too extravagant, down to earth…

This anime is a…

Slice of life.



4 responses to “Acchi Kocchi: Coup de Grace

  1. Good slice of life anime indeed. Soothing atmosphere and pretty good romance comedy.
    I always love this kind of anime, it’s fun to watch.

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