Yuru Yuri S2 Episode 1: Starting the Summer Season with Some Yuri

The summer season has finally started along with the second season of Yuru Yuri. Yuru Yuri is still strong with all those yuri scenes.

I first watched Yuru Yuri during my previous summer vacation since I had nothing to watch. After being entertained by it I was really looking forward to the second season.

Akari seemed to have a lot of screen time here which makes me wonder if she will fade into the background really soon. Second halfwith see some Mirakurun and some Zettai Ryouiki. The supporting characters appeared in the first half while in the second half you only see the main cast. Many funny moments in the first episode especially with ping pong balls eating hair.

I laughed so much in this one episode compared to the whole first season combined. After seeing Chitose and the magical things that happens when you remove your glasses, you could expect a lot of her and her fantasies. Since slice-of-life is one of my favorite genre I expect to enjoy this until the very end. If you’ve watched the enjoyed the first season this is a must watch.

I will also be reviewing some other summer anime once they air.


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