Hyouka Episode 8-10

Been busy with school and stuff for a while so I didn’t post anything. But now, I have some free time and I will be doing a review of Episodes 8-10.

Episode 8

At first I thought this will be just another random school mystery that will only last one episode. Turns out that I was wrong. This is the first episode of a new arc of the anime. The movie they watched was created by Class 2-F. When Irisu said good luck i immediately thought that they may need to solve the mystery of the movie. Turns out that my guess was correct. The movie they watched was really bad. The camera was bad and also the acting. After watching the movie they had some discussion about tarot cards. Houtaro thought that Irisu would be the queen but then queens should be sadistic. Overall this was a interesting episode.

Episode 9

During the previous episode Irisu told them that they can talk with their class’s amateur detectives to share their opinions. There were 3 detectives. Eru also brought some whiskey chocolates for everyone to have but she ended up eating all of them and became drunk. Lots of dialogue and debating in here. After hearing out every detective it ended up that all of them were rejected by the Classics Club. In the end there was no solution to the mystery but then Irisu immediately asked Houtaro is he wanted to go out for tea.

Episode 10

We get to see how manipulative Irisu is in this episode. She was able to make Houtaro more active. It turns out Houtaro already had a explanation on the movie and who the suspect is. The suspect? None other than the seventh person whose identity will be remained unknown for various reasons. At first I thought that the script writer will suddenly pop up and tell him if it was correct. It turns out that they already adapted his ending but I’m not sure if that was the original plan of the writer since the writer was never revealed. It looks like he made a mistake with his ending since he forget one crucial evidence. Hopefully it will be resolved in the next episode.


3 responses to “Hyouka Episode 8-10

  1. wait. I believe that ep10 wasn’t the end of this arc. I think you missed the part where Ibara questions Houtarou’s conclusion. Houtarou was able to fully justify everything but he missed one thing. Remember how one of the staff-detective said something about Houngo asking for a rope? I believe that ep11 will be the concluding episode for this arc.

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