ToyCon 2012

A cramped convention center here, several shops and toy groups there, a whole lot of toy/figure displays and con-goers just about everywhere eventually gives you nothing but the 11th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention, which happened around June 15 – 17. With the “personal” financial crisis as of late, your dear loli-loving blogger wasn’t able to do proper looting aside from the usual manga, instead, I just went around and met familiar faces as I took photos of the great displays.

Team Onii-chan Display:
Moe-blob HSP Miku

Taiga-chan with the killer “twintail-pettanko-in-China-dress” combo XD

EEEEXXCAAAALLIIIIBUUUURR! ! Which reminds me, haven’t watched last week’s Fate/Zero Episode

4channer lab assistant looking rather elegant.

Alter’s majestic rendition of Persona 3’s Aegis.

Millhihore-chan’s nendoroid and scale figure.


Favorite puella magi. Hope they release a “Moemura” soon ^^

First time seeing the very rare Uplark Kamina

Putting aside the awkward pantsu-flash of the figure, Kan’u has to be my favorite oppai character.

Axe-wielding loli Ymir

Sumomo-tan~ Notice the Azone Marisa in the background.

Seeing EVA units only make me anticipate the third Evangelion movie more @_@

Some gunpla . . . .

Macross – Epitome of childhood nostalgia

A whole lot of Shinki – still have to finish Battle Masters ^W^

Stormtroopers – Pushed towards walls since Episode 4

Though completely unrelated to the Japanese Otaku culture that I have so loved, the Star Wars universe had a large part in the eventual development of my fandom

Let’s not forget the tokusatsu 😀

Greattoysonline with the usual piled-up inventory of different anime merchandise *sigh* too bad there was no looting involved for me, damn finances D:

That pretty much, like usual, concludes my somewhat short photoshoot on the different displays there are. Though I did enjoy and very much liked this year’s ToyCon, I still hope the next one would the better ^^

Hope you come back and drop by again in our next post!


25 responses to “ToyCon 2012

  1. whoa…. now that’s a LOT of figmas and gunplas!!! Trust me dude, It’s way better that AFA Malaysia…. 😛 you guys had this kind of con. each year for 11 years?! Damn LUCKY! xD Not to mention that the gunplas are quite old, (Mu La Fraga’s unit) Never thought I’ll ever see models from Gundam Seed again! ^W^ made me real happy, knowing that it’s still alive! 😀 btw, nice job on the photo shoot!

  2. Well done gallery photoshoot there! I only covered the stuff outside, it took me a while to notice the gallery was on the other end of the hall.

  3. Good thing you were able to get good shots of those Gundams! Sinanju und Strike Freedom, two of my favorites!

  4. EXCAAAALLIIIIBUUUURRRRR! That is one gorgeous figure.
    ToyCon certainly has comprehensive collection of figures up for display. It makes con visitors drool. Do they sell other merchandizes besides figures and manga?

  5. Damn, look at all those awesome figurines. If I was still a kid, I’d cry a river if I go home empty handed ^^ (no difference now though…^^) Love those stormtrooper figurines ^^ Any idea what company made them?

    • Well, I couldn’t bring myself to cry in front of soooo many people XD The Clone and stormtroopers are made by SideShow . . . . I think 😛

  6. Ahoy! I hear someone wants some cosplayer photos, I have just the thing, hold on for a bit because I’m making that blog post.

  7. Ahaha cool stuff there! Ah no looting..I totally understand..sometimes it happens. =(

    I really liked the Gokaiger vs Decade diorama..maybe it’s from the new Taisen movie? XD


    • Yes, was hoping that those “sometimes” won’t happen again – going back from a toycon without loot is just ! ! !

      Loved the diorama as well, would have not noticed it if I didn’t go around several times XD

  8. Ah, ah Greattoysonline might have offered discounts for the event. Errr… too bad i missed this year’s event. 😦
    Awesome pictures of toycon ^^

    • I think did, I think 😛 Well there’ll be another ToyCon like always XD
      Thanks, this has to be my best event photo coverage 😀

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