Reality’s Return

The month of June brings plenty of surprise and change for most of the folks here in our humble country. The three month long vacation passed by rather quickly, as much as I want to spend more time doing the usual random stuff, the unforgiving gears of time relentlessly pulls me back to the realm of reality – back to eating boxed lunches, back to school. Despite going back to school, we are still rather hopeful that the team will still be able to do the regular updates despite the irregular schedules of our schooling.

With all things said, do any of you fellow bloggers have tips on blog time management and whatnot?


14 responses to “Reality’s Return

  1. I understand that. You have to decide the scope of your blog. For example mine, it’s mainly about figurines and cool things about Japanese-related stuff. Actually the truth is, all of us are busy too. That is why you need to specialize your blog to give you more time to post. Divide different scope among different writers in your team. And what is the best time to write? There’s no absolute answer. Write when you’re free or you think you have time to do so ^^ For example if you have no time to watch all the Animes you want, then reviewing it episode by episode will consume your precious time. Cover something that is within your control. Hope these help though it wouldn’t be 100% right for you.

    Lastly, use your creativity (^-^) Different person has got a different way and style.

    Good luck pal ^^

  2. OHHH back to school again? Man that was fast!
    Well for me I normally think and plan about what to blog days in advance so I can get the pictures and all done. I will spend like a full
    day taking photos of all the reviews I’m gonna publish and then polish it up and slowly upload all the reviews! =3
    And outdoor photography is also a 1 shot deal, I bring what I need and snap away! =3

    • Yes, way too fast D: I’ll keep those in mind, I suppose I’ll take pictures on weekends and make a post during freetimes on weekdays.

      Thanks a lot 😀

  3. me too am having a hard time in finding time to post on blog! I usually check for updates and comment on them. But in writing.. its hard to find time since I have to take photos, edit them, upload then write :)) Especially I’m with the work force now.. so less time for myself haha! XD

    Being a student.. has more free time than being an employee, well that depends on what job you have, for example my job is standard 9am-6pm everyday up to Friday, some who are self employed and have business will have some free time within the day or some days of the week. Sadly for my case, I only have my weekends, and weekends too are sometimes used up by family outings and whatnot.

    Anyway! I’ve tried using this Eisenhower method and it usually works sometimes.. here’s the link!
    Hope it helps! XD

    • It is quite hard specially when you’re quite busy, hard being in the work force. Saved the link for the Eisenhower method, many thanks!

  4. I went back to school earlier than you. I guess that’s what I get for going to a trimester school x_x

    On my part, since my school sucks and doesn’t allow torrent dl and I don’t get to go home until Friday (lol), I’d watch and write about everything in the weekends (and sometimes during my spare time). It’s pretty efficient although I guess it’s because I’m still not too busy.

    • Seems that a lot of you from our place did @_@

      Yeah, school did block out several websites as well D: I do usually write around weekends, I’m actually quite glad to have several authors around ^^

  5. amen. school started last week. summer break felt like one week. >.< fixing the new sched to accommodate anime watching and manga reading and moderately socializing… a bit. if only summer vacation was 4 months instead of 2 and a half… and i spent most of my vacation filling paper work. ah well… lets hope they add more months to the calendar haha. time management is a challenge @,@

  6. I wish I have a proper blog time management skills to share with you T.T. Unfortunately, I only blog when time permits – usually weekends or during paid holidays. What I can say is don’t worry too much about scheduling, I suppose. Just blog when you have to time as not to stress yourself too much, lest you lose interest.

    • I guess your right about that, it is actually a great fact that I’m studying in the same school with most of the team members – makes planning easier

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