Hyouka Episode 7

Summer break and a trip to the hot springs that was planned by Eru and with the connection of Mayaka, they had a place to stay for free.It looks like Hotaro has motion sickness and can passed out in the hot spring after a scene which shows Eru entering the bath and probably had some perverted thoughts after Eru entered his room. Eru was surprised that it was not mixed bath which is pretty weird since most girls hates mixed baths.

The mystery of this week’s episode was their first mystery that involves ghosts and it is about a ghost that is rumored to be in room seven of the main building of the inn. This “ghost” was both seen by Eru and Chitanda at night. Hotaro was dragged into solving another mystery again by Eru and Mayaka (the latter was not with the two of them while investigating though).

After investigating the area and taking into account the events that occurred he came to a conclusion and it was not a ghost but rather a yukata that was hung up to dry. The conclusion of their first supernatural mystery turns out not to be a ghost.

Next episode has some movie screening.



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