Hyouka Episode 6

After the previous Sekitani Jun arc ended during the last previous episode, this week’s episode is just about some random school mystery that we did not see since the few episodes at the beginning of the series.

This episodes starts with a teacher getting mad at a neighboring classroom, a quick discussion about the seven deadly sins and the mystery. The teacher who got mad was a Math teacher because the students could not answer a question about a topic the class already supposedly took up. It occured in Eru’s class and she, once again, forced convinced Houtaro to solve it.

The mystery? Why Eru became mad at the teacher. That was the mystery but what was solved instead is why the teacher got mad. The reason why the students could not answer his question was because he did not teach it to them yet but it was already the taught in another class. So basically the teacher misread his notes. 1-A did not learn it but 1-D already did. I was really confused on how the letters A and D were similar until I realized that he meant the lowercase of the two. If you don’t get why a Math teacher has a higher chance to mix the two up. I think the reason was since he teaches Math and high school Math is about algebra, the variables in equations are always in lowercase (My old Math teacher used beta and some other symbols once though).

Well that’s all for now and it looks like there will be some hot springs in the next episode.


2 responses to “Hyouka Episode 6

  1. the beginning of the episode was really really interesting… until they found out why she got mad. i wudve liked to at least see Eru’s wrath (or whatever that’s left of it) poured on the teach…haha. the rest of the episode was ok. 🙂

    • Too bad they did not show her wrath it would be nice if they did. Aside from Eru, I would also like to see how Hotaro gets mad.

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