Acchi Kocchi Episode 5

Each episode reminds me of an awesome school life I will never have… but it’s fine.. especially since our protagonists often open up cans of whoop ass (on each other).  The blood they spill on our account is immense. (I’m not sure if they can be called protags since this is a slice of life genre and there’s no real antagonist.)

Episode 5 has our main characters get rea~lly physical. The areas covered are in competitive volleyball blocking, chill Frisbee throwing, and dishing out eminent justice for self-esteem endangering. A few exhibits will depict just how physical they get.

(Background info: The class goes through the annual physical check up.)

Exhibit A.

A swift kick to the head. Of course this kick is well earned by Mayoi for attempting to tell Io that Tsumiki’s breast has grown. It’s common sense to not do that kinda crap, but at that age, even I lacked that reasoning  so yea, it’s rather relate-able.

Exhibit B.

A Continuation of the smack down from Tsumiki. If the opponent still talking after you’ve beaten them to the ground, the “double tap” rule is carried out. It may save a life… literally or socially. In Tsumiki’s case, Io still found out about her size growing so oh well. :3

Exhibit C.

Friendly fire. People may have good intentions. So do our government officials who carry fire arms. During the volley ball game (with the usual batsu/penalty) Saki’s (yellow haired girl) logic was to push Sakaki (the orange haired boy) towards the spinning projectile for him to return it. In the end, he successfully returned it with his face! But Io returned it twice fold and scored a point so his sacrifice was in vain.

Exhibit D. Challenge accepted
Mayoi calls out to Tsumiki “cmo~n cmooo~n!” (to throw the frisbee) with a couple of taunting gestures to be answered to. The reply she got was sound.

Moe characters also look good in red… blood dripping down the mouth. This is a lesson learned in Acchi Kocchi numerous times. Do not provoke a person twice your size unless you wanna get a hurtin on. Good advice Jackie! Pain is also a teacher. 😀

Final Exhibit.
Even the animals want to serve justice. Aggravate cats, then you’ll get scratched… or receive an upper cut. Heck, aggravate any living being and you’re sure to get smacked.

Voilence + blood + moe characters = overall an excellent combination. I had a lot of good laughs from episode five. More action was put into it and the only flaw I found was that there wasn’t much progress in the story. Not that I really expect there be a real plot or whatnot.
There are extra moments of our cast and their usual nosebleeding moe moments, but the main theme of this episode is pretty much clear. Pain-slice of life version. If not, then close enough I guess. Here’s the short summary and then on to the next episode. 🙂
Note: there were the usually awesome moe moments but that can and will be seen in the future.


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