Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver.

A very very late Konbanwa~ Another night, another figure review for all of you folks wanting to see some figure eye candy.

As mentioned on my last post, I’ll be redoing some reviews which wasn’t satisfactory for me.
Many moons ago, I was a huge noob when it came to cameras; only knowing 3 things:
1. How to turn-on/off.
2. Where the shutter button is.
3. Charge when camera dies.
Shutter speed, white balance, and other photography terms were nothing more than statistics and calculus to me, making my early reviews subpar compared to the standard used in the figure blogging realm.
All things said, today’s quick figure review will be featuring Max Factory’s 100th figma, the lovely Hatsune Miku Append Ver.

Released sometime around September last year, she is Max Factory’s attempt to re-image Miku’s more vivid side into an affordable figure. As you all know, Append is an another voicebank for our 3d diva, giving her a more dramatic, soft, and realistic voice compared to the usual. Being a Mikutard, I could not pass up the opportunity to have Hatsune Miku as my first figure.

As a figure, Miku Append looks gorgeous – a slender body accompanying a “mature” face is quite great even for a lolicon like me.

Looking at the side beautifully profiles her hair, with the gradient effect, it’s as if her hair is flowing into nothingness.

A closer look reveals rather nifty details on the figure. I.can’ . . . . *sigh* damn

Have to praise MF’s attention to detail with this figure

Probably the main highlight of this figure. As explained above, Append Miku features a more vivid and dramatic feel, thus a more “mature” face – a slight break from the usual cheery Miku.

Probably the only accessories that come from the seemingly huge but mostly empty box – the “awakened” parts are the signature of Append.

Append Miku comes with an extra stomach part revealing more of Miku’s rather sexy Append body. If you hadn’t noticed yet, I actually broke the open part of her stomach – repaired it with some hobby plastic cement (thank you former gunpla hobby!)

More random photos to follow:
Optional parts allow you to display Miku with her usual cheer along with the normal parts of her clothes.

A serene “closed eyes” face plate is also available. Hmmm, somehow fits the dark background.

That pretty much concludes this rather quick review. As my first figure (yes, my very first) I still hold plenty of sentiments towards it, it brings back a lot of memories when I just started to consider figure collecting. As for the figure itself, it holds up to its title and name as the 100th figma. Though accessories are sparse compared to usual, the playability and photograph opportunity greatly makes up for it. Enjoyed the photoshoot a lot (can’t say the same about posing the figure though) definitely a whole lot better than what I did here many moons ago.

As per practice, I thank you for reading and do hope, that you drop by again here in our humble otaku haven.
A word of thanks to Greattoysonline for the figure


16 responses to “Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver.

  1. Omedeto, Ruo-kun!!! Gotta hand it to you, that’s great improvement on your photographing skill 😀 What? you actually broke her open? Any interesting ‘discoveries’ 3:) ???? or were you trying to make your first makaizou…. 😉 I could’t agree more, what I like most about the Append ver. Miku is her HAIR!!! >_< they just seemed to dissolve with the air, giving her a more realistic look. Not long now, until she became real n_n!!!!

  2. I liken very much of her matured face 😉

    Too bad she was barefooted else I’ve already bagged her.

    Accessory wise… pretty bare.

  3. ohman that’s a big improvement from the last one. 🙂 i feel more of the figma’s essence was captured here (but perhaps that’s my own preference speaking out). good job!

  4. I totally understand, there is some stuff I really wish to re do but I don’t for two reasons. One is laziness the other is that people probably want to see new stuff.

    This Miku is nice because of her lovely serious face, so sexy! Sadly I was one of the people who could not get over her lack of shoes.

    • I was actually planning this for quite some time now, I guess some anime and games would really get me bogged down. Don’t worry about the new stuff thing, the original review was done back in my 1st web address, back when no one visited “Otakuoid”. Though I like this Miku, still am a huge fan of the cheerful one.

    • Hahaha thanks a lot, did take quite some time to find out the right camera settings

      Don’t worry about it, I may like Miku w/ mature face but I’ll always LOVE the loli-cheery one more XD

  5. The joints can hardly even be noticed. A really well done figure^^
    So you know about white balance, and all those things already? For me, I just focus on macro, autofocus, etc.. I rarely change the tones. And as for the background, I usually just use my bedroom as one, lol. I think you used some special set as a background to make the background pure black. For me… welll.. there’s always photoshop…

    • Have to agree with you there, MF did a great job on their 100th figma, as for the white balance and others, I only have a beginners view for them (A huge improvement from before) and for the background, I just used some leftover paper from school + my study lamp 😉

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