Hyouka Episode 5

It looks like Hotaro’s theory is almost correct with only it was incomplete and had some mistakes. With the help of their school librarian he completes the scenario and the real reason on what happened to Sekitani Jun is revealed. The theory was almost correct with the exception of a few events:

  1. Sekitani Jun did not volunteer to be the leader he was forced to.
  2. A fire is what caused his suspension.
  3. He did not volunteer to be expelled.


It turns out that the librarian was a former member of the club and is the writer of the second volume of Hyouka. I never really expected that this mystery will be over so soon. I always thought that it will end at later episode.

The meaning of the symbol of Hyouka is explained and what Hyouka really means. Turns out that Hyouka is a pun on the english word called “ice cream”. Ice Cream = I Scream. The reason why calling the School Festival “Kanya Festival” is also explained. Many things were explained here but nothing was mentioned about the first volume of Hyouka. What happened to it will most likely be revealed at even later episode.


2 responses to “Hyouka Episode 5

  1. This episode was most satisfying :3 hearing that it was more of a tragic event than a heroic one was a great twist (though kinda expectede). the visuals in the beginning of the episode were grand too. the way they played with the weather and rainfall appealed greatly 🙂 next arc seems to interestin~

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