News: Gunslinging Loli, Figma Henrietta


The non-sensible things and expression that came out as I saw the picture while randomly looking at MFC

Apparently, Max Factory in all their wisdom and prowess, has decided to take in consideration and finally make a figma prototype for our loli P90 wielding heroine.

Still a prototype, the remembered sentiments from a long way back was surely worthwhile – seeing that Gunslinger Girl was one of the titles that actually got me into anime. Though I have been worrying about MF’s wobbly QC recently, they honestly did a lovely job on the prototype, a tad bit more cheerful than the dandere loli I know from the series, and I since disgracefully missed GSC’s 1/8 rendition, I’ll make sure I won’t this time. All of for the sake of my favorite loli 😄 Hopefully, Max Factory will also be gracious enough to do the ones for Triela and Rico ^W^

I hope you won’t disappoint me this time Max Factory

– from some locked room with fandom love

And if your wondering where all the figure review related posts went, after some self-deliberation and musing, I have decided to re-do some reviews, not in a futile attempt to add posts, but to give proper justice and love to my girls.

All credits go to whoever did the magazine scan from MFC


7 responses to “News: Gunslinging Loli, Figma Henrietta

  1. i do hope they make her right. esp since lots of fans want her capable of pulling off all the *gun poses* she makes in the anime. xD an extra accessory w hair waiving in the wind would suit her perfect. it was truly a smart choice to make her in 2012 😀

    • Saving the best for last are they? 😀 In that case, MF did smart move. Hope she comes with half of the guns she uses in the series.

      Is it just me, or the face is a bit off? O.o

      • the face looks slightly awkward… but i can say much til the colored version comes out i guess. my eyes aren’t sharp enough to give proper judgement haha.

  2. Ahahaha that’s a piece of good news! MF seems to have pretty diverse taste for their Figma line and has something for almost every fan. 😄

    And is the first picture Ayumu from Korewa? 😄

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