Acchi Kocchi Episode 4

This episode reminds us of the outdoor games elementary kids used to play. There’s tag, ice tag, freeze tag, earth tag, tag tag and whatever variations of it existed. I asked my amigo what he played as a kid and he said it was either him using the playstation1 or throwing rocks at the neighborhood kids (and of course they threw them back). But now, college life bears no such activities. Instead we play inside the house with multiple computers, six hours a day… and I actually find that more amusing now.

Noted Events

In episode four we enjoy seeing Acchi Kocchi spice up childhood game “kick the can” to a magnificent 2D level.

Mayoi suggests they play a game and the others support it due to boredom? And of course, there’s a prize for the winners, and a penalty for the losers. Basically a double fold prize or consequence. Hearing this, the girls etertain the thoughts of making Io go on date with them in front of Tsumiki.


This hostile behavior is all too normal… even if it’s your friends threatening/teasing to take the “object of affection” away from you. The feeling of pouring out your wrath on them that is. 😀


Saki (blond haired girl) and Kana (green haired girl) are actually good at running. By their initial appearances, I didn’t expect much… while Himechi… Himechi was just right. XD

My internal scouter predicted the athletic abilities of each girls.

Himechi – level 1 (novice)

Tsumiki – level 25 (experienced)

Saki– level 89 (pro)

Kana – level 255 (demi-god)

What a delight to see the difference between Himechi and Kana.

Despite the traps the opposing team set up for Kana, she pulls a juggernaut and plows through them/wooden barricades/walls as if it was nothing. Himechi, not having the ridiculous armor as her teammate, took the shorter end of the stick and slams right into wall at full speed. Losing her was a minor set back. Her team ended up winning and thus concludes the first half of the episode.

The second half deals with the topic of love/more dialogue. Not seriously of course. I’m not too interested with lotsa dialogue, but it gives a chance to introduce a new character (who also reminds us of the pink-haired girl from Lucky Star).

Not sure how much screen time she’ll get in the future but here’s her first appearance!

Ah, she’s lovely isn’t she? Her name is Kirino Ami. Can’t say much about her besides that she has good chemistry with Io.


This section/episode of Acchi Kocchi kinda brought me back to remembering the good ol days. Nowadays life seems to be more noisier, more busier, and more complicated. Didn’t have to worry so much back then. Now that I look back, I was actually fortunate to even have such a life, especially when others don’t have the same leisure. I took them granted and I miss now I’m missing them like hell. But really now, too much brooding over the past is a waste. Let’s make sure we live the present to the fullest so we don’t end up taking too much time thinking the past was better. If the past was that good, the present can be on the same level, if not better.

Summary of le episode!


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