What to do on a break. . . . . . .

Tuturuu~ RuoAni desu! I’m finally back after a short timeout from blogging.

Well you see, your dear lolicon-loving-blogger has been writing some stuff in an effort to try and spread anime around here, so as of late, I’ve been thinking of a “perfect” way to spend my short breaks from work, after some musings and whatnot, I’ve decided that the “near-perfect” way to go are games . . . . . .

# 1. Touhou 10.5 : Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, roaming around Gensokyo with Yuyuko-san
The Innocent Ghost, Yuyuko Saigyouji-san, is a really fun character to play with.
A plethora of magic here, magic there, a lovable moe reaction she does when hit combined with some unrelated, sometimes-nonsensical words of “wisdom”; An obvious stress-relieving spell for a touhou-loving otaku like me.

# 2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Grief Syndrome, stopping time to prolong breaks with Homura
Pistols, M249s, AT-4 launchers, mortars and loads of pipe bombs compose Homura’s arsenal which she calls military surplus magic.
Just noticed that some witches from Madoka are similarly named with the ones in Strike Witches . . . . . .

# 3. The Sagara Family, reminiscing days of early otakudom
Being the first eroge that I was able to play, I knew I had to pay respects to it when I had time (or the opportunity XD) Kept on replaying Emiru’s route until I realized it was way past time.

This pretty much ends my post, just wanted show everyone what I usually do when I have time. Dropped by here to check up on stuff and update, on my way to take a peek on several other blog then log out.

Good bye to all of you, Hope you drop by as usual!


21 responses to “What to do on a break. . . . . . .

    • *shy* from time . . . . . . to . . . . . time . . . . . . I guess XD jk, of course! VN/Eroge has been part of everyday life since I experienced moe

  1. That’s a lot of gaming, I just realized I never actually played Touhou 7.5 or 10.15, just got SWR and updated to 12.3 and played that.

    The Homura game looks interesting should give it a go. That Homura combat game I played a while back was pretty fun. Another Homura game would be welcomed.

    • Same here, haven’t tried the other touhou games yet 😛

      The other girls are playable in the madoka magica game, just happens Homura is an all time fav 😀

  2. Tuturuu~…I haven’t play games for a long time. If I do get the time, I usually only play console games. But anyway, Touhou looks fun~.

    • Its quite fun remembering old time while replaying games you’ve finished and yup! touhou is plenty fun, with all the magic and kawaii girls 😀 Speaking of console games, you’ve reminded I have to finish VNs that have stockpiled in my psp. . . . . . wonder where I’m going to find time to finish them O.o?

  3. Hahah I suck at Touhou,,I do try to play but those glittery orbs kill me faster than I can say Flandre Scarlet. Still I persist for the really addictive BGMs and characters. =3

    • Don’t worry! I pretty much suck at Touhou as well XD There’s just something in the game that makes me play it 😀

  4. I finished sagara family again a few day ago and that was the only game I touched during vacation 🙂

  5. You sure play a lot of doujin games (if I’m not wrong). Some of those are really epic, I’m going to have to pick on some soon enough.

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