Hyouka Episode 4

After the events of the previous episode Eru-chan decides to tell the other members her reasons and about her uncle. After telling them, investigating the past of the club became the top priority of the club. They decide to hold a meeting in Eru-chan’s house. Her house is a mansion with a traditional Japanese style and many fields. Satoshi is shameless based on the way he called Hotaro in public.

The purpose of the meeting? To report about their information and their theories on what happened to her uncle. Eru-chans information was from the information she obtained from Hyouka. Mayaka’s information is from an excerpt from the first issue of Alliane and Salutes. Her information also flips the theory of Eru-chan. Satoshi’s information is from their school’s paper, Kami High Monthly. At that point his information seems to be the most reliable. However, Hotaro’s from some official records and his explanation answers the questions of the theories of the other members and the most accurate. However, why did she cry?

This episode probably has the most dialogue compared the the previous episodes. Mainly because of their explanations. Seeing Hotaro and Satoshi biking in the beginnning of the episode make me want to bike again but I’ll have to rehabilitate my bike. Mayaka also show some tsundere traits in this episode. Does it mean she is one?

We still don’t know about the first issue of Hyouka. They talked about Eru-chan’s uncle but not about the possible whereabouts of the very first issue. Hopefully in the future episodes we get to know more about it.


4 responses to “Hyouka Episode 4

  1. I think Mayaka is a modern day tsundere… kinda lol. after this much dialogue I do hope for a good amount of action in the next. too much conversations give me a bad stomach. or im just weak haha.

    • Every one has their own opinion. I don’t really mind if there is a lot as long as the plot is good. 🙂

      • Hi! I must admit I only give the anime chance yesterday. And the last episode I watched was this one (That’s why I skipped your more recent articles >.<) Annyyyyway, I was wide-eyed with all the exchange of discussions that was happening. It sure is definitely interesting. I can't wait to watch the next episodes later. ^^

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