Acchi Kocchi Episode 3

Winter invokes a young adolescence’s  inner desire to play outside, run in the sun, and start a snow ball fight that involves betrayal, unfair tactics, dirty politics, and godly 2d martial arts. Naww, not really but this episode shows what a teenager can do once they attain abuse-able power. 😀

As reluctant as Tsumiki is to play outside, she joins the group (upon being “convinced”) and bears the cold weather.

The day starts up pretty light. Everyone is having a great time making snow sculptures. The girls, as usual, are falling for Io’s…

Io’s… I mean for Io.

Competition: Snow Ball Fight

To be honest, whenever it comes to competitive games, there is one individual that just has to make it unfair/imbalanced. The reasons vary from having too much time, too much reasource/money, too much much brains, or too much of everything.

The team setup is: Io, Tsumiki, and Himechi vs. the Chaos team/Sakaki and Mayoi.

The Chaos team plays in the rule’s gray area and pulls out some unexpected gear. They fight to the advantage of having automatic weapons. What does the other team have? Nothing but their own abilities.


that ain’t right lol

Objection abstained~

Mayaoi quotes some very famous words: “All is fair in love and war.” Very true. And she takes the phrase into a snowball fight among’st a friendly game. Very nice. 😀 Tis very tempting to do in this day and age. Once you’ve tasted power tripping once, it’s hard to stop.

You can meet many of these kind of insufferable individuals online. They’ll invest all that they can… just to beat you up; doing all it takes to keep you bellows them. These 30 year-old people will buy all the gear in one day and attain all that you’ve worked for in a week’s time. Online games allow you to upgrade your weapon and armor +15 and above just by using real money… sugoi.

How to retaliate.

  1. Invest as much time as they have in the game (not suggested).
  2. Obtain godly powers by unethical means/hacking or whatever (not suggested).
  3. Overpower them with your abilities (not likely because they’re probably just as good).

Tsumiki’s team did somewhat a number 3. Abilities… godly 2d skills.

Ability 1: the power to parry the snowballs by spinning chopsticks. It’s not the most powerful but it works. (Forgot from which movie or book) a man once said, “It is not the tool that makes one powerful, but the ability in a person to use it.” Well, I guess that’s right to a certain extent and context.  In a snowball fight I assume it fits. :3

Ability 2: the power to trip, fall, hit both your teammate and enemy at once and get yourself out of the game. Himechi you are so very fearsome. You took the most players out of the game…!

Himechi’s grand moment

Regardless of skill,luck, or whatever..Io and Sakaki was subjected to her attack.

This is what makes her so awesome.

Tsumiki dominates her battle with Mayoi! Well, “dominates” is an understatement… since the level/power gap was pretty evident.

Powerupu…! a scouter would probably break.

To see a shounen fighting scene here was a treat. 😀

Thus the battle ends in a clear win for Tsumiki and the team.

The second half of the episode is about cooking and introducing three new characters.

Saki Sakimori – Yellow haired girl: a very attractive type of individual that loves to show her sadistic (or perhaps just teasing) side in a cheery tone.

Kana Miyama – green haired girl: Man, this character came out of nowhere. Kana’s character and voice actress is overwhelming. She is happy go lucky to the extreme; if she thinks she has a good idea, she’ll do it without any hesitation. Even logic and ethics would have a hard time stopping her. That much is seen in this episode when she sprays onions into Mayoi’s face to see if they affect the eyes. She is near the level of Himechi except she’s a loose cannon to behold. @,@

New guy

Kyouya Saibara: plain looking person who plays as the straight man. Both Saki and Io play subtle jokes on him.

Episode three was simply great. The snow ball fight left many satisfied, and the new characters are cool. More action, more moe girls, more Io x Tsumiki moments is a win.

Only had a snowball fight once. (During a brief stay in the states) The snow was rather hard to throw and my parents didn’t like to play in it. 2d life is obviously different… but still enjoyable to watch and dream that one day you’ll get to experience the real thing with the same results.


6 responses to “Acchi Kocchi Episode 3

  1. This was a really funny episode. A snowball fight was elevated up to a ridiculous extent..while the cooking one just made me hungry..again. =D

    • same here. the way they showed the omelet being cut on top of the rice, spilling out so cleanly made it look so scrumptious… wish it was that easy to make. 3d life is so different lol.

    • Oh, now that you mention it, there is a lot of ahoge action. xD its neat how Tsumiki’s ahoge disappears and reappears from time to time. Tis the only anime to do that so far (i think).

      Didn’t know about nichijou before. you’ve given me another anime to check out. thanks! 🙂

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