Hyouka Episode 3

Finally, we get to know what’s the confession of Eru-chan’s about. If you were guessing it was a love confession, you’re wrong. Her confession is about her personal reasons on why she joined the Classics Club. Who knew that it was about her uncle. I’m kinda curious on what her uncle told her that made her cry alot. Most likely we will find out in one of the later episodes.

LOLI ERU! (*°∀°)=3

Hotaro gets a letter from his sister which reveals the location of the old anthologies. The location? In a unused chemical safe box in the club room. His sister graduated 2 years before the start of the series and the club room is different so they go to the old club room. While trying to search for it, he does his own method of blackmailing on their senpai. At first I could not understand how it was blackmail. After he explains it in the later part of the episode I finally understood how it was blackmail.

They then get their anthologies and the name is… Hyouka. Finally, the main plot is starting. It was stated in the synopsis they’ll investigate a case that occurred 33 years ago. I kinda want to know what this case is. Maybe it’s related with the missing 1st issue and what happened to Eru-chan’s uncle.

This was a episode was really great and I can’t wait for the next.


4 responses to “Hyouka Episode 3

  1. dang… i read this review before watching it. curse my impatience. glad to know that the main plot is starting to roll… though i wouldn’t have minded an episode or two of random school mysteries. :))

    • The series keeps on getting mysterious. The series is also very loyal to the novel so I don’t see them adding some random mysteries. If they will add some, it will take a lot of time since they still need to think of an explanation.

  2. I really like this episode though I was actually surprised that they already went to the main plot as early as now knowing that this will run for 2seasons. Also, thanks for reminding that the synopsis said that they’ll investigate a case 33yrs ago. I guess that means an even more interesting mystery will come other than Chitanda’s uncle 😀

    • I believe that case will have something to do with her uncle. But then the there’s a huge gap.

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