Acchi Kocchi Episode 2

So so so so very late~

After the first episode’s devastating downpour of moe~ness, the second one seems to be more of a light drizzle. Forecast shows that this episode has around 95% dialogue and 5% action. Well, whatever it maybe, here are the noted scenes of Acchi Kocchi episode two.

1. Cake Shopu~

Tsumiki and company visit a cake shop. They were offered an opportunity to taste some experimental baked products. Pretty much half the episode was a good time consisting of humorous chatter, delicious looking cakes, all in maid/waiter attire.

must resist~

Even the cakes have their moe appeal.

To be honest, this is unfamiliar territory. I’ve never been to a cake shop as the one presented here. It looked sooo good. Yet Google pictures affirmed that this was no fantasy.  It simply implied that my country needs to raise their standards in cake cafes services. Here’s one finding of 3d delicacies in Japan.

Close enough to the anime I guess. It was a first time seeing a small cake so ridiculously attractive. Or perhaps I don’t get out enough to appreciate these delicacies.  Note: the price to pay for em. Twenty dollars for these babies and I’ll be weeping over a nendoroid that could have been pre-ordered.

2. Blood +

Io shows how smooth he can be as a waiter. The results? Tsumiki and Hime react by having a nasal hemorrhage/nosebleed.

was effective on Tsumiki and Hime

Moe chars lose puddles… no… pools of blood. @.@

There was this girl I once knew. She would be so passionate in talking about the guys she liked(and it would bore me since I am one). But never have I seen her” nose bleed” over it. What I would give to see a girl in real life to have this reaction. 😀

3. Love potion/A wonder drug

Spiking your object of affection’s drink with a drug to make him/her love you without your consent is sooooo wrong… yet if feels sooooo right. But wait! Perhaps there is a time to use it?

Himechi please give a situation when we must drug someone to love us.

It’s funny how she’s denying her own desire to use it and ends up rationalizing things. To be clear, it’s not ethical and is considered sexual harassment by law… not sure if that applies in Japan though.

4. Valentines~!

Tsumiki battles her shyness that prevents her from giving the home-baked chocolates.

And yes! She is able to give it with all feelings and strength. Happy Valentines day Io. Im sure you didn’t expect a box chocolates made by one of the cutest girls ever to be (1) slammed into your gut, (2) lose all your wind, and (3) collapse on the floor gasping for breath.

So Tsumiki’s strength is far from subpar.

Tsumiki’s strength is far from subpar.

All she could do was look at him as he lay on the floor, probably too horrified at her own impulses to immediately help. But man, it takes true strength to knock down the person you love on the floor with all good intentions.

Bonus points (to Io) for not creating any unnecessary drama (and dialogue) and instead… repayed the smack down with a “thank you” and a pet on the head. We appreciate you for not over-reacting and rather, understanding her.

Overall, episode two had it’s good moments. Watching Tsumiki and Himechi experiencing Valentines day was entertaining to watch. They covered most of the basic issues that arise during valentines: love potions, giving of chocolates, preparing oneself mentally in giving, the actual giving, chocolate lipstick, and etc. Though the pace felt slow and there was a lot of dialogue to follow. I guess I’m not too keen on an episode mostly made up of a conversation. Episode one set a rather high record to beat but there are times to tell tell oneself, “who care about records and simply enjoy what’s already in front of you.”

On to episode three. 😀


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    • Be a shame to not to taste them at least once in our life time. Would be a dream come to to taste em freshly made in Japan. 😀

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