Miku Miku Megane! Hatsune Miku Lat Type

Konnichiwa Minna-san! Here again for one of those long over due figure reviews. Today will be taking a peek (and a very long one at that XD) into GSC’s 1/8 rendition of Lat’s popular 3D model from the “MikuMikuDance” program. An immediate grab for me after seeing a certain pair of red rimmed megane.










The Lat Type Miku, sporting a rather bouncy look, gives off a really happy and adorable vibe and when paired up with the incredibly moe smile, any Mikutard out there would be sure to shriek out in joy.










Looking it at the side reveals the full beauty of her flowing hair. She comes with accessories such as 2 microphones (a black and grey one), 2 pairs of glasses (can be used for nendo petits) as well as, 2 stands (one to match the one for the original GSC Miku)






Her simple but KAWAII glasses seemingly give a new feel and character to Miku, it levels up Miku’s moeness up to 9999, too adorable even to human eyes >_< GSC did a good yet standard but job on Miku’s face, nothing much has to be said.
Something to always watch out on when buying scale figs are small details which sometimes determine whether or not they’re actually worth it.
Small details, like the l and r in the head set,





Paint details and wordings in the collar.





Her hair pins have clear purple parts which makes them way more awesome <======= obvious sucker for clear parts XD
Also love the Hatsune Miku wording in Miku’s arm
Her hair makes you think that Miku is actually in motion, just hate the plastic look to it, it feels very very cheap 😛









Lat Miku also features a new top, painted in a slight glossy dirty white which profiles Miku in a new but very refreshing way.
Same glossy look like her top (<==== insert zettai ryouiki and shimapan fetish here)

More details in her skirt. . . . . .






I love the figure, yes, though one thing kept me thinking, why did GSC make Miku’s skirt removable O.o? . . . . . . . . . Now featuring Miku in all her “stripped”? glory!

Miku still looking very cheerful and bouncy despite being stripped 🙂










Mold and Shading is done very well with the bellybutton and the butt, was GSC expecting us to display a skirtless Miku?

Putting all things said aside, I really love this version of Miku as well as taking pictures of her, making it worth the time and effort.

GSC, being true to their word, did a great job on the quality of the figure, a plethora of small details and a simple but nice paint job combined with the Miku’s moe and the cheerful like dynamism of the figure, provides fans and non-fans alike, a must buy scale figure, probably not the best Miku out there, but definitely is a must buy. A personal favorite because of its overwhelming cuteness. Bought her around for 5500 yen from a certain hobby shop around here in my neck of woods (thanks Greattoys !).

This pretty much concludes my review, hope like always, that you’d drop by again!


23 responses to “Miku Miku Megane! Hatsune Miku Lat Type

  1. I love this figure so much, cutest Miku ever in my opinion. I’m not a big fan of Miku or anything so I tend to skip on her figures but this one, this one was too lovely to pass on. I mean, those glasses, that expression, that shimapan!!!

    I took pictures of her a while back but was not pleased with the results, this a a good reminder to retake them and do a post with her.

    After all, she is just to cute to not show her off.

    • Yup, love her to bits as well >_< and yes, you should take pictures of your Lat Miku, she deserves to get a whole lot of attention XD

  2. Yezzz, these guys did a good one. Detachable red glasses…and skirt? haha. I do wonder what they’re thinking at GS. But man she looks awesome esp w her hair swaying. I don’t know why red glasses is such an appealing feature, but it just is to me :))

    • glasses are just. . . . . HNNNNNGH! I’m also wondering why GSC made the skirt removable, a new marketing strategy perhaps O.o?

      • Fan service is not only limited to anime or manga, figures as well, ahem Lat Type Miku I mean.

  3. Lol, I had this one but didn’t open it yet^^ I have a habit of keeping figurines in their boxes. Was surprised to see that the skirt is removable, didn’t know that 🙂 Miku has a cute pantsu^^ Great job GSC but it’d look really weird if you post her skirtless. Anyway good job. Thanks for the nice review!

    • ^ proves that we should always check out our figures (lol as if I don’t have unopened figures :P) I was also surprised to see that the skirt was removable, confused on what GSC’s goals are. Welcome, hope you drop by again 😀

  4. Reblogged this on Figure Overviews and commented:
    Well done review by Ruo Ani! You should check his blog out for more awesome otaku news and reviews, that’s an order!

  5. Megane Miku is such a cutie!! And I’m actually amazed by the wordings on her headphones and her arm. The attention to detail is well appreciated.

    Lol, so did you display her on your shelf with her shimapan showing?

    • Hahaha, details like those tend to be dismissed when glancing at her casually.
      I have enough respect for the 3d diva to at least properly display her fully clothed, at least most of the time XD hahaha

    • Hahaha, read your review before, probably one of the many reasons why I actually got her. Lat Miku is crazy cute, I sometimes doubt if all my nosebleed are worth it >_<

  6. Loving dat shimapan 😀
    She looks lovely indeed. I love her pose. She also looks good with the glasses too, oh and I love her shimapan.. wait I already said that..

    • Megane are an otaku’s dreams, the endless alternation of 2 colors on stripes are what we call Akasha XD putting that aside, her pose does look very good, too cute at that.

  7. THIS has got to be the cutest Miku available out there XD!!!!! you’re right dude, I practically shrieked with joy(and drawing the attention of my friends at the school library) after seeing her with her Ultra-Kawaii glasses @_@, and don’t get me started on her skirts off feature 3:) . May I say that you, sir, are so damn lucky to have her in your hands (very envious) n_n!!!! take good care of her, and I’ll be looking forward to ANY further reviews on her! (especially if you found out how to take off her shirt or panties 😉 )

    • Have to agree with you, if only she were true Sorry mate, can’t take off the shirt and panties not unless I’m a professional modeler (please refer to makaizou, warning: *nsfw*)

      • me gusta@_@………..just.wow……..thankx for the tip,oh, and btw, what’s [nsfw]? I just sneak-peaked at the blog, too risky to open it now, maybe late at night 3:)….

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