Hyouka Episode 2

This week’s episode starts with Hotaro entering the club room then he and Eru-chan had a discussion about what they should do for the Culture Festival. Eru-chan said that they will be doing an anthology. Obviously, Hotaro doesn’t want to do it, but since doing an anthology for the festival had a history for 40 years, he agreed to do it. They searched for some in the club room and decided to go to the library since they can’t find any. In the library, they ran into Ibara Mayaka. They are informed that there are no anthologies in the libraries but there could be in the archives but they can’t enter since the librarian is out. Mayaka then tells them about a book that gets borrowed every every Friday and gets returned the next week on the same day.

This week the 4th main character gets introduced to us. However she does not join the club yet. With her introduction, the cast is now complete. She has a crush on Satoshi but is kinda cold to him (tsundere?). She also seems to be curious but not as curious as Eru-chan.

Eru-chan seems to have a good nose. She was able to smell something in the book that Mayaka wasn’t able to even when she smelled the book up close. Hotaro even called her a dog in his mind.

This week’s episode with a some sort of a confession from Eru-chan. I wonder what it’s about. It can’t be a love confession. Maybe she’ll tell him why she joined in the first place. I really want to know what she’s going to say to him. Maybe I should read the novel.


9 responses to “Hyouka Episode 2

  1. Hmm.. if you don’t mind me askin.. what is your top 5 anime series? (trying to find a nice anime series that is completed or has a lot of episodes already to watch)

    • This is not in order,
      Neon Genesis Evangelion (even the movies will suffice)
      Code Geass
      The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
      Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
      Fate/Zero or Last Exile (both are just too epic)
      if you don’t mind art quality and just really care for the story, then Genshiken is a must watch

  2. Ahhh, the confessi~on. Such a cruel cliffhanger haha. This was the episode to fully ignite my interest in this anime. Hope it lasts for the remaining episodes. Somewhat am hoping it’s a love confession.

  3. I really like this episode. It seems a lot better than the previews one && the mystery seems more interesting.

    && that confession!! I’m thinking it’s a mystery Chitanda’s so curious to solve. :3

    • Have to agree with you there, this episode is definitely better, specially with the new character introduced. I’ll just leave the confession to its self, I’ll just wait to whatever happens ^_^

  4. Hahaha thanks to the previous review I picked up watching Hyouka and will be following up with the 2nd. Not the most original anime but an interesting enough premise to go along with it. XD

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