Acchi Kocchi Episode 1

Acchi Kocchi

The beginning of the anime wasn’t very eye catching. The art was slightly ok, but then the story would have to make up for a lot of it. (Perhaps 3 minutes into the show) I realized that Acchi Kocchi was in fact… not ok… but rather dangerous. Yes it is dangerous. It is a Supercell of moeness.  It may look like a harmless anime storm that will pass by without touching anything…but you will be hit with a down pour of moeness, perhaps a tornado of godly voice acting, a lightning strike of perfect animation, and a relentless hail of…well… more moeness.

Well that may be too exaggerated but the anime really went over my expectations. Here we go~

  1. Cute looking characters brimming with…character.

This is Tsumiki. She is a tsund…shy little gir… a tsundere. She has a personality that does not like to show its’ true colors out in the open (duh). The developers bless us with a moment inside her head… and man, these scenes were simply adorable.

Took an arrow to the heart when I saw this.

Cutesy dialogue alone cannot save you. It also depends on how you say it. The proper tone that shows the degree of emotion is needed. The people in Japan who are responsible for this are Seiyus… and apparently, Acchi Kocchi have godly ones

(First impression of Tsumiki was that she was going to be similar to Konata in Lucky Stars. I kinda did wish for it; but I was not disappointed even if she was different. Her shy character was just right for the anime.

2. Strange, yet enjoyable opening song

The song sounded really weird, but not in a bad way. It is the kind of song you’d put on your mp4 and play it over and over again and never let your mum, dad, sister, rival, professor, janitor, and classmates find you listening to … or is that just me?

The animation synchronization with the song is superb. I had trouble finding any flaw in it… though I had no interest of the guy singing; that can’t really be counted as flaw but a preference.

3. Imba duo

Why are they called the imba/imbalanced duo? Because they give the impression that can stand out just as much as the main characters. Even the force needs balance. Though, in this context, it’s not a bad thing; it just shows how good the supporting cast is.

A. Hime (brown haired girl). Instantly a favorite character. She too, is well equipped with a godly voice actor. Hime is pure hearted and clumsy. We have seen too many of these kind of girls, but once again… the developers of this show do it right. Her animation’s timing is so perfectly set with the proper dialogue.

(The animation and voice acting of Hime is just too good to be true (for me at least). She was not this good in the manga. There, she looked like an obstacle to Tsumiki’s love life. Here, Hime’s moe level is on the highest levels I don’t have any complaint.)

B. Mayoi. A appliance otaku I assume. Only half-way through the show I realized that she also had a godly voice actor. Her “look to the right” joke got me good. Mayoi often starts a joke that unexpectedly, turns out pretty good.

Now we have three characters responsible of spilling a huge dose Moe’ness. Warning:

After watching this show you may feel some radioactive side effects. Symptoms are:

1. wooziness

2.wishing to buy their merchandise, nendoriods, scale figures, and figmas even though they aren’t out yet (or are they?)

3. re-watching  the scenes more than 5 times.

Even the teacher’s voice actor is godly.

Ahh, the picture alone… cannot explain how truly awesome this girl is…

Himechan! \(@.@)/

4. Standards have been breached!

Once you’ve watched multiple slice-of-life-related anime, your standards for complex graphics start to fall. Acchi Kocchi raised it up.

I thought the art wasn’t going any higher than the character designs.

Well, it may not be much for some, but I swear, this scene reminded me of a time I was playing call of duty modern warfare II and I was using a scope similar to this… except without the hearts and pink colors.

5. Tsumiki x Io

Acchi kocchi goes straight deep into the point.

Lovely dialogue

Oh boy. My heart is acting up from all the flirti… love-related situations.

Io’s responses are very down-to-earth. He is not annoying, but rather mature. I do not dislike him at all. He seems to be a chill person and doesn’t pull any irritating dialogue people would normally get in romantic anime. He treats Tsumiki well.

  1. Sugary ED

Started wanting to buy Acchi Kocchi merchandise after I saw the 3d models of the cha… no wait… I mean the song and the animation mixed in so nicely. Both 3d and 2d visuals were used appropriately. Another win for the anime.

Final thoughts: In the manga I perceive Tsumiki as a low-leveled yandere. She would, more often than not, hurt her annoying friends and react physically to those who would “advance” on Io. She is also more physical with Io to the point that she bites her object of affection. In the anime she’s a level 99 (moe) tsundere. It is very hard to resist her character and frankly, I’m happy with it that way. I believe they improved the manga in this anime by a huge magnitude. No doubt the manga was a fun read though.

I give the first episode a 9.555/10. Hope they keep it up.

On to the next episode ❤


13 responses to “Acchi Kocchi Episode 1

    • I completely agree. It’s a wonder how the male protagonist can resist it for so long. I’d secretly have a break down once in awhile to recover the will to resist the moe influence.

  1. Hahaha I love the dialogue and how they weave ridiculous premises into regular life. Watched up till ep 3 and every second has been entertaining. My favourite gotta be the supremely air-headed Hime though Tsumiki is giving her a serious run for my affections. =3

    • Oh my… Hime is proving to quite a strong force. 🙂 I felt she was on par with Tsumiki at the end of the episode. Thanks for the heads up. haven’t watched episode two yet… but hearing from your post, it’ll be my first download tomorrow morning. I want more Hime. xD

      • No wonder she sounded so familiar. I’m not too acquainted with voice actors but if they’re memorable, their voices will be immortalized in the heart haha. Tsukasa Chan~! ❤

    • A nendoroid puccchi for this anime would be lovely. 😀 getting Tsumiki and Hime in one box would be more than enough for my money. Just hoping and waiting for Good Smile or whatever company to start the preorders. XD

  2. You seem to be enjoying yourself, I have catched the first two episodes so far and like it. Me liking Tsumiki quite a bit and her demure attempts.

    Not entirely sure if I wanna keep watching or not right now, so many shows for me to keep up this season.

    • Yez I’m enjoying it a lot. 🙂 Tsumiki should have her own fan club by the first week it was released haha.

      It’s completely understandable to put this anime on hold. This spring holds a good number of anime (Fate, Kore w Z, Kanojo, etc). The competition for our attention is actually high this season. 😀

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