Ozine Fest 2012

As you might have heard several posts ago, I’m currently in my 3 month long term break, which means I have as much time as I want to spend at Ozine Fest, the yearly 3 day anime convention which lasted from April 13 to April 15.

Ozine Fest, basically, is the flagship convention here in my neck of woods, with whole lots of stuff, ranging from the anticipated Maid Cafe and Host Club to the different shops selling plethora of merchandise to the usual cosplayers and convention on-goers. Its what every otaku here waits for every year.

The 501st Joint Fighter Wing, “Strike Witches”

BRS Shrine

Vocaloid Shrine

Lat Miku here looks vaguely familiar, like the one currently in my room 😀

Looking for convention on-goers to make contracts with

Madoka Shine

Some figures for sale. . . . .

Acchi Kocchi here just right after Japanese telecast

I’ll have to thank Team Onii-chan for the display and giving me the opportunity to lend some of my daughters and letting me guard the booth. Now some of you might have expected cosplayers, sorry to have disappointed you but OtaSensei here still has not reached the point of 3d attraction, 2d BANZAI! ! !


23 responses to “Ozine Fest 2012

  1. nice shots. I never noticed those K-ON! figures O.O I’m so jealous of all those Madoka figures when I only have one nendoroid x.x

    oh && you didn’t took a picture of the Angel Beats! and Steins;Gate figures.

  2. Haha! Wish we could have met up so that I could.. meet you! haha! =3
    Well then, I’ll be the one providing photos of some cosplayers in my blog haha! 😀

    BTW, what camera do you use? 🙂

    • Don’t worry, there’ll be another one this June/July. I’ll be waiting for those cosplayer pics hahahaa. For the camera, I used a nifty Nikon D3100 w/ kit lens and my beginner skills 😀

      • bwahahah to be honest im not that much of a fan of rin… though I can’t deny how good she looks in that maid uniform. id have to give her a 10/10. 🙂

  3. That is some cool lineup of figures. I remember going to a convention with that much figures being displayed. Everyone pretty much took tons of figures at that particular corner. Sadly last year’s convention in my country has no figures, I hope there will be more figures this year 🙂

    I pretty much quit collecting figures because I already have to much of them. I don’t know where to put them any more lol! And there is like 10 figures that I haven’t even open the box yet. So i’m thinking of selling some in the future. The only figure that i’m waiting is Saber Motored Cuirassier. And that figure will probably be the last one I’ll ever buy.

    • Saber Motored Cuirassier is the Grail’s equivalent for me, your very lucky to have her, and nothings wrong about quitting buying figs, specially when you have a lot XD Figs are here to stay anyway

  4. HAHAHAHHA I like how you stood by 2D with the no cosplayers bit. XD

    I see so many figures that I really want but either can’t find it, or have no money.. =(

    Kyo-Ani K-On figurines, Nendoroid Yuyuko, Cirno and Youmu, Alter Strike Witches stuff and so much more…arggghh =O

    Btw just curious, how are the prices for merchandise in Ozine Fest..lower than usual?

    • 2d will never betray you except during NTR ^_^ Same here, so many figures that I wanted, much less money that I can spend. Yup, figures during Ozine fest are pretty cheap, remember one guy buying Nymph nendo for 2400 yen or something XD

      • Ahaha sweet deal..however Nymph has horrible base issues so it’s prices might be lowered due to that…I love cons, you never know what good stuff is around the corner. =D

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