International Saimoe League 2012

International Saimoe is here, its time to vote for your favorite 2d girl again! but wait! . . . . . . .

What is the International Saimoe O.0?

Running strong in its 5th year, the International Saimoe is what you Fate fans can call a Holy Grail War, fought not by servants and their masters for the Grail, but by anime girls and their hardcore legion of fans for the yearly Heavenly Tiara. It provides a chance for you and me to prove that our 2d waifu are the best amongst hundreds of other 2d gals.

It is a competition decided by a simple majority vote and if ever your wondering who to vote for, I present to you this year’s current roster of moe girls.

From the Nova Division:

From the Stella Division:

Quite the competitive bunch aren’t they? Makes it pretty hard to decide 😛 Though tell me, is it just me feeling out of it today or do I really see enough characters voiced by Kana-chan to send all of us fans to 2d moe heaven @_@, seriously is it the year of Kana Hanazawa?

Putting things aside, who would you folks vote for?


16 responses to “International Saimoe League 2012

  1. now that you mentioned it, there are lots of HanaKana characters there. From what I counted it’s 7? or did I missed someone?

    I actually like the idea of Saimoe actually making a division between the characters from old and new anime 😀

    • I counted 7 as well, she beat Kugimiya-san this time 🙂

      Dividing it to divisions makes it easier to chose, though I’m quite sad, people have forgotten characters like Rei Ayanami T_T

    • I’d only go for Shinobu, Nadeko, and class rep-chan, though once they are pitted against the other girls I’m voting for, I’d just stand there not knowing what to do 😛

  2. oh god I really want to vote someone but I’ll feel bad not voting the rest…it’s suuchh a killer….and YAY year of Kana-chan! I really love her voice-acting.. =D

    damn as it is I will vote for Haruhi (my first love) from Stella and Kobato from Nova…BUTTT there are still so many wonderful ones out there…man =(

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