Nendoroid Petit Angel Beats! Set 02

Grabbing the leftover colored paper from my past school projects and my charged up camera, I’m finally all set up to do the continuation to the Set 01 review from a while back.

 Set 02 features Kanade, Yui, and Otonashi, an obvious choice seeing that they’re all main characters :P.

 I’ll start up with Yui. They did a good job portraying Yui’s hyperactive-fan-girl personality with this nendo, though it would have been better if they included her fangs. . . .

 Like Yusa-chan from the 1st set, Yui-nyan also comes with movable twintails.

Yui-nyan has some small details to her such as the demon tail and wings, as well as fishnet stockings.

The annoying thing is, some of that detail is blocked by the single mass of her hair T_T btw, you can also attach the stand in the hole behind her hair.

Living up to her reputation as a Girls DeMo member, Yui-nyan comes with a nifty guitar and pick.

Now for Tenshi-chan >_< I’ve always been a fan of the seemingly stoic student council president, and since I have no funds to buy her 1/8 ver yet, this nendo provides a perfect alternative for me.

Kanade comes with 2 extra arms showing her most used guard skill, Hand Sonic

The sweet expression of Kanade which I prefer. . . .

She also comes with wings, which is quite fun to play with as you could use them on figmas ^_^

Like Yui-nyan and Yusa-chan, Kanade has a hidden hole for stands right behind her hair.

Last up, Otonashi. Not much love from GSC as Otonashi only comes with an extra arm.

An arm showing Otonashi putting his hand innside his blazer (at least that’s how I see it)

Spare arm, nothing much to it.

That finishes 02’s review, like the first set, the petits included look really great and seeing that GSC won’t be making other figures of them, its a must grab for all of you Angel Beats! fans.
Thanks for reading and please drop by again.

P.S. Please remind me not to use yellow for background again 😛


14 responses to “Nendoroid Petit Angel Beats! Set 02

  1. For something that small, both Yui and Kanade seems to have oodles of playability. =3
    And the 1/8 GSC figurine of Kanade is really expensive now…=(

    • Yup they do and they’re quite fun as well, can’t say the same bout Otonashi though . . . and yes, sadly Kanade’s 1/8 has gotten a tad more expensive 😦

      • that’s odd. i tested it in incognito window just now and it’s working fine for me even while using my wordpress account.

        anyway, if you’re commenting on posts that already have comments, simply there’s a comment box, write your comment there and hit publish (you can choose your profile as who you’re commenting as btw). I think before publishing your comment there’s a re-capcha-thing and you’re done.
        anyway, if you’re commenting on posts that doesn’t have comments yet, there’re options if you want to log in using wordpress, intensedebate, openID or just fill in the name-and-email form, then fill in the comment box and hit submit comment.

        and that’s it.

    • Well my views of angels changed after Evangelion 😛 but I am a sucker for kawaii girls and happens to be that Tenshi’s one 😀

  2. Well this time it’s a bit of the opposite than the last time. The choice of colour of the background made the figure looks too yellowish in my opinion. Plus maybe some different perspective when taking the picture will look cool. I take photography class btw before 😉

    • Thanks for the tips, I uploaded the photos here despite knowing how bad the white balance was 😛 I guess your a senpai to me when it comes to photography

      • Well despite to background colour the picture still look HQ which is a good thing. Keep experimenting 🙂

  3. Now this, if I had bought any one of these sets it would be this. I think this is my favorite set of characters from Angels Beats. Kanade is my favorite girl, Yui is just fun and Otonashi is a surprisingly level headed protagonist.

    Surely GSC gave quite a bit of love to Kanade with all the different parts they gave her in comparison to the other two. I guess the person who sculpted these likes Kanade and Shiina the most.

    • Have to agree, no matter how much I love the girls from the 1st set, this has to be my favorite. I am hoping for a 3rd one even though chances our vague.

      Well, there is nothing wrong about loving these girls even if its a bit more *winks*

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