Spring Anime 2012: My Ever Growing Watch List

While struggling to finish all of my target anime from last winter’s season and all the other anime I have to catch up on from seasons before, another one gloriously adds itself to my already long and ever growing watch list of anime, and yes, I’m referring to this year’s spring anime season.

You can check out this season’s anime chart here.

My Spring Season Watch List

This season’s what’s and why’s:

Fate/Zero Season 2 – Fate/Zero is awesome and that’s it. Being able to read the novel did give me a heads up on what’s to come, even so, its different when you see it animated ^_^
Hyouka – KyoAni, check, mystery with seemingly awesome art style, check.
Acchi Kocchi – Oh! its about a tsundere. Puts it in watch list.
Sankarea – Another Zombie/Studio DEEN combination. *reads the summary* Wait! A zombie girl?! I have to check this one out!
Shining Hearts – A game, tons of character goods and figures, I wonder what is it all about?
KoreZom Season 2 – Just being able to see Eu and Sera is good enough.
Saki – Just something to offset the amount of sports anime this season (there’s quite a lot) and I might be able to learn a thing or two (I want to learn how to play Mahjong >_<)
AKB0048 – Ehhh? Another idol anime? . . . . . . . . sure why not 😀
Koi-ken! – *galgamer mode on* So its animated already *grins* Understood
Upotte!! – If you haven’t read the manga yet, its about kawaii girls, guns, . . . . . . gun girls?! Need I say more?

Everything said is practically self explanatory (well at least for me :D) though that doesn’t necessarily mean its final, it might change with time or influence (taking an interest on Accel World) and does not guarantee I’ll even finish half of what I planned to watch (dropped to much anime midway) not to mention I still have tons in my list. I’ll probably just go with the flow this season, like what I did last time, if someone recommends it, I’ll give it a try and see if it works out. I guess this is whats fun about anime, you’ll never run out of choices.

And for the PVs, I’m too lazy to search and put them here one by one :P, so please do search for them yourself if ever you’re interested in seeing what the upcoming anime are like.

P.S. What do you folks have in your watch list?


14 responses to “Spring Anime 2012: My Ever Growing Watch List

  1. man I used to be able to catch up with anime but now with school and work..it’s getting real hectic and I can barely polish off winter’s offering before spring is upon me again…ughh…a happy kind of ugghh I suppose. =D

    • Hahaha, I’ve only seen mahjong in one episode of Gintama and it was epic ^_^ ! and yeah most likely, I won’t learn anything from it but I have to be positive about it =D

  2. So far the only ones I’m watching for sure are the second season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka and Saint Seiya Omega. There are some that catch my interest like Acchi Kocchi and Sankarea.

  3. Good choice of anime to watch. It’s really depends on what genre you like and now I know what kinda of anime you like. This season is more into the slice of life and mystery kinda of anime. The season looks great and I can’t wait to watch all of them xD

    • I guess so, I don’t really know what genre I’m into except when people tell me, and yup, this season looks really great with all of that slice of life eye candy 😀

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