Nendoroid Petit Angel Beats! Set 01

Just arrived from school after some business, after lunch I did a small photoshoot on the 1st Angel Beats! set of Nendoroid Petit I received from January’s figure looting.

Upon knowing that Angel Beats! nendo petits have been released I have been eagerly waiting for a chance to grab these girls,  sadly the eagerness quickly turned to boredom which pushed me to side track and buy something else, so when the opportunity came, I was out of dough and lost the chance to bring them home (or so I think) several months after I got a one-in-a-million (really now?) chance and was able to buy both sets for 3200 yen, a price slightly lower than buying them at the slightly lower priced AmiAmi during their release dates, which cost around 2000 yen per set.

Now for the review, we’re currently looking at Yusa, Yuri and Shiina, a good but rather weird choice of characters for the 1st set, I mean, though kawaii and cool,Yusa and Shiina are minor characters who have even less show time than their minor male counterparts, but I’m all fine with that.

First up is Yurippe. Now like all Petits, its pretty much basic articulation and some detail, something interesting that comes with Yuri is her gun and hat.

Among all the Petits in the set, only Yuri comes with an alternate face which shows her yelling

 Yuri also comes with alternate “dodging” legs.

Her with pose with her hat and hands on her waist is a personal favorite.

Next up is Yusa, aside from being overly kawaii, the petit only comes with her headphones and 2 extra arms.

A close up on her headphones.

Her twintails can also move.

SHE’S TOO CUTE! ! ! Looks so sweet that its enough to give me diabetes >_<

Finally, Shiina. She comes with the most number of parts which adds to her awesomeness.

She comes with  2 alternate arms carrying a kodachi each,  alternate legs and an extra skirt and bent stand to show her in a running pose.

In her running pose.

Showing the extra stand piece which is attached to the hole in the back of her head.

Shiina without her scarf (I don’t pose her this much as Shiina without a scarf is just not the Shiina I know)

That pretty much finishes up this review, took me almost a day to finish cuz I have been lazing up quite a lot 😛 putting that aside I’m quite with happy the result of this one 😀

Thanks for reading and please do drop by again! !


18 responses to “Nendoroid Petit Angel Beats! Set 01

  1. Shiina looks really neat here! She is probably the closest anyone can ever get to a Nendoroid as GSC most likely wouldn’t release her as a normal sized Nendo.. =D

    Yurippe looks mighty fun as well! =3

    • Both Yurippe and Shiina have a lot of play value with them, and yes sadly GSC would rather produce multiple versions of a famous character rather than make stuff out of the others. *sigh* Hope they fix that problem of their’s soon.

    • I have to give credit to Lat type Miku-tan for that, and yes, girls wearing red rimmed glasses increases their kawaii points by 9999 >_<

      Shiina seems to be famous choice among readers.

  2. No matter how many times I see petit nendos I’m always impressed with how well they look. These Angel Beats set are no exception, they look really good. I would my favorite has to be Shiina.

    • Same here, though somehow, I feel sorry for Yurippe and Yusa-chan. Shiina seems popular enough, I wonder why she didn’t get in this International SaiMoe. . . .

  3. Nice bro. Love the the choice of background colour. It definitely makes the figure look better than ever. I have plans to get this before but I don’t really wanna start collecting nendo petits. I just don’t think i’ll stop xD

    • Well, I wanted to take my photography a step higher (well at least I attempted to :P) I’m still looking for a perfect figure line to collect, seeing that scale figures are expensive (I only have one) I guess I’ll stick with figmas and with some nendos

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