Back From Vacation

After my research’s oral defence, my family have decided to go to a short vacation which lasted from the 13th to the 15th, a short break from all the busy days that has been disrupting my otaku life, knowing that the place will be far from the metropolis, I researched on the place, amenities & facilities, and upon the discovery that there’s internet connection, I proudly pack up my laptop and camera.

Finally, the 1st day, after 7 hours of painstaking travel, we reach what you can call a secluded paradise, so secluded, that WiFi is weak and my laptop can’t connect >_<, and with the cable broken, I just stare at the view and the open sea. . . . . .

Imagining a life without all my nendo and figma daughters, just makes me depressed, after some musing I fall asleep. . .

2nd day, after waking up and realizing its the 14th, I greet my relatives, and turn on my laptop, after all the start up and whatnot I notice a small heart-shaped application in my taskbar, Katawa Shoujo, finally something to do! So after some breakfast and touring I hurriedly go back to my laptop, and start playing. . . . . . . .

Getting absorbed by the story, setting, and characters I decided to “conquer” our resident twin tails girl, Emi Ibarazaki

What seems to be a boring game, ends up to be one of the most heart warming VNs I have ever played, with this I end the day. . . . .

3rd day, waking up and eating breakfast early, we head back to the city, we found a shorter way, which cut the travel to 5 hours ^_^ , so after some Seiyuu songs, snacks, and the 3 day internet block out, I end up in square one, my room, I’m finally back. . . . . .


15 responses to “Back From Vacation

  1. I normally bring one or two figures if I’m outstation, armed with camera and setup a short story or do a simple outdoors photoshoot.

    • It was, something different and unique compared to the usual buildings and stuff here in the city, overall, I enjoyed my stay there. . . . . I just hoped I brought Yurippe with me. . . . .

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