I spy . . . . . . .

an attractive white and orange box. . . .

an ahoge?! . . . . .

a D which represents a certain Danny Choo :). . . .

an iconic Japanese Sailor Uniform. . . .

Would you mind telling me her name?
(If you haven’t found out who she is from the 1st pic, I suggest you go grab some specs :))


14 responses to “I spy . . . . . . .

  1. Ohoho~ Mirai, eh.

    Dang… Wished that the adult Mikuru ver figma came with the same stand adapter as Mirai… Long hair can be an issue…

    • Yup 🙂

      Really glad there was a stand adapter for Mirai as well as the Cheerleader Ver. of Mikuru, would have been a pain if there was none T^T

  2. Mirai is cute 😀
    No idea why isn’t available in any retail shop in my country, if there is I would have probably buy one to support Danny.

    Oh and I like the lighting in the first picture.

    • Well, if its meant to be, you’ll find her 🙂 and yup, we should support our fellow bloggers. . . .

      Oh and thanks, had problems setting up, but somehow the lighting ended up well 😀

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